1424914 Skid Steer Loader Cutting Edge

  • 1424914 Skid Steer Loader Cutting Edge

1424914 Skid Steer Loader Cutting Edge, OEM Replacement CAT Blades, Cat Wheel-type loader Cutting Edges, Caterpillar style bolt on cutting edge, D8L/D8G/D8H/D8K/D8N/D8R CAT dozer cutting edge & end bit for dozer bucket of Ground Engaging Tools spare parts, Loader Curved Cutting Edges

1424914 Skid Steer Loader Cutting Edge Specifications:
Part Number: 142-4914
Replacement Brand: Cat
Type Dozer, Loader GET Cutting Edges
D5 Cutting Edge 16mm
Cat motor grader cutting edges provide the best balance of abrasion and impact resistance. Both Cat cutting edges and end bits are designed as a balanced system to move more material over a longer period with less downtime. This is accomplished by providing great strength for superior breakage resistance, and by offering maximum wear protection from both bottom and face wear on the cutting edge. Wear Parts Cutting Edges

Manufactured from steel with properties that maintain hardness for long wear life, our durable cutting edges make it possible for your machines to deliver the performance you demand. Protect your investment by always choosing genuine Cat Ground Engaging Tools. OEM Replacement Grader Blades

• Impact and abrasion resistance
• High productivity in any application

• Production dozing, finish dozing, and overburden removal
• Angle Blades

Compatible Models
track-type tractor

wheel-type loader
904B, 904H

skid steer loader
216B3, 279C, 236D, 262D, 216, 247B3, 242, 226B, 289D, 242D, 246C, 232, 268B, 287C2, 257, 279C2, 289C, 289C2, 272D2 XHP 228, 272D2, 272D XHP 277D, 299D2 XHP 279D, 299D XHP 272C, 242B3, 257D, 236B, 262, 256C, 257B, 216B, 247B, 299C, 297D, 272D, 232B, 299D, 262B, 299D2, 248, 262C, 242B, 246D, 236B3, 226B3, 287D, 257B3, 259D, 277B, 287, 297C, 287C, 252, 277C2, 297D2, 226, 247, 236, 297D2 XHP 246, 248B, 297D XHP 259B3, 277C, 277, 287B, 267, 267B, 252B, 262C2, 246B, 252B3


No. Part Number
1 100-4015 11G-71-31170 17A-71-11654 3G9512 4T6378 4T3008
2 100-4043 12F-70-31251 17A-71-45210 4T0608 4T6380 4T3010
3 100-4044 12F-70-31261 17M-71-21550 4T0609 4T6381 4T3011
4 100-6356 12F-70-31281 17M-72-21160 4T2315 4T6385 4T3012
5 100-6664 12Y-72-11210 195-70-12492 4T2887 4T6386 4T3013
6 100-6666 12Y-72-11220 195-71-51651 4T2895 4T6387 4T3014
7 100-6668 13F-Z27-1510 195-71-11654 4T2916 4T6388 4T3015
8 10120745 13G-72-61410 4T2917 4T6448 4T3020
9 10120752 13G-72-61420 195-71-51661 4T2921 4T6508 4T3024
10 10120757 130-70-41130 195-71-51671 4T2922 5J6839 4T3025
11 10127292 130-70-61170 195-71-61550 4T2923 5J6849 4T3026
12 101-9435 130-920-2180 198-71-11181 4T2945 5J6888 4T3027
13 101-9436 130-Z20-1510 198-71-21830 4T2946 4T3028
14 101-9437 144-70-11131 198-71-31540 4T2948 5V4661 4T3030
15 102-4580 144-871-5130 198-71-31550 4T2949 5V4696 4T3032
16 104-9634 144-920-1120 198-72-11181 4T2950 5V7276 4T3037
17 105-2345 14X-71-11310 1U0292 4T2952/5J6839 5V7410 4T3043
18 106-0956 14X-952-1130 1U0295 4T2972/8J4666 5V7423 4T3044
19 106-9290 154-70-11313 1U0593 4T2973 6J1406 4T3417
20 107-3381 154-70-11314 1U0601 4T2974 6J7116 4T3418


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