1122472 Heavy Duty End Edge

  • 1122472 Heavy Duty End Edge

1122472 Heavy Duty End Edge, Caterpillar Bulldozer Edge-Cutting, 112-2472 End Edges, Replacement Bolt-on Double Beveled HD END EDGE, D9 Cat Bulldozer Tractor Replacement Center Cutting Edge Factory China

1122472 Heavy Duty End Edge Feature:
CAT Part No.: 112-2472
Type: DBF
Size: 1.75” thick * 13” wide * 53.25” length
Material: High carbon steel or Boron steel
Compatible Machine Models: CAT
Made in China

Caterpillar style bolt on extra heavy duty center cutting edge for a D9 Caterpillar Bulldozer. This is a double beveled reversible bucket cutting edge that is 1.75” thick, 13” wide and 53.25” in length. It takes 9 of a 1” X 3” (100X300) plow bolt and 9 of a 1” (100 HEscoNUT) hex nut. The bolt hole spacing is 6” from center to center of the bolt holes, and 2.625” when measured from the edge of the bucket cutting edge to the center of the first hole.

Weight:322 lb / 146.06 kg

Heavy machinery equipment parts
Manganese Steel Alloy
Finish Smooth
Colors Black or Yellow
Technique Forging / casting
Surface Hardness HRC52-58,deepth:8mm-12mm
Warranty time 2000 hours
Certification ISO9001-2008
MOQ 5piece
Delivery Time Within 30 days after contract established
Single and double-edge track roller suits for cater excavating machine and special machinery ranging 3 to 50 tons.
Double conical sealing and lifelong lubricatian designing enable the track rolelr to have longer service life and perfect performance in any circumstances.
Differential quenching or feed-through quenching heat treatment is effective in crack resistance.

Both the blade and cutting edges have to balance ground penetration with wear life. Excessive worktool or G.E.T. wear material can make the machine less effective. hceparts dozer cutting edges and end bits are designed as a balanced system to move more material over a longer period with less downtime—which translates into a lower cost per hour for you.

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Product Range

Sort Name Bulldozer Cutting Edges and end bits
Service OEM Part Number or Customer Design
Part Number Dozer Cutting edge:

7T9125,6Y5540,4T6381,7T5702,4T6659,4T2988,4T3010,9W1878, 175-70-26310,



End bits:


3G8320,9W8874/ 9W8875,8E4545/8E4546,175-71-22272/175-71-22282,

195-71-11173/195-71-11183,175-70-21136/175-70-21126, 140-70-11170



Material 16Mn Manganese steel and 30MnB Boron steel both with heattreatment.
Thickness Cutting Edges:13mm to 80mm.

End Bit:16-75mm

Different type Cutting edge:Double bevel flat cutting edge || , DBF Cutting Edges |>,

DBF Cutting Edges < > ,DBF serrated cutting edge

End bit:Level cut end bit, hot cupped end bit

Different type Double bevel flat cutting edge || , DBF Cutting Edges |>, DBF Cutting Edges < > ,

DBF serrated cutting edge

Main Business Motor Grader Blades and End Bits, Dozer Cutting Edge, Loader Bucket Edges,

Excavator Cutting edge, Scraper Cutting Edge, Bucket Teeth, Bolts and Nuts,


Universal Available to all brand motorgrader/bulldozer/loader/excavator/scraper domestic and overseas
Package Cutting edge and end bits:PLYWOOD PALLETS;
Bucket Teeth And Adapters:PLYWOOD CASES;
Bolts And Nuts/Pins&Retainers:PLYWOOD CASES;
Payment L/C,D/P,T/T
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