107-3486, 1073486 Deep Ripping Shank CAT D8K, D9H

  • 107-3486 Deep Ripping Shank CAT D8K, D9H

107-3486 Deep Ripping Shank CAT D8K, D9H, Single Shank Ripper, 1073486 Ripper Shank Assy, Replacement Casting Loader Dozer Ripper Shank Tooth, Ground Engaging Tools Spare Parts Wear Parts China Supplier

107-3486, 1073486 Deep Ripping Shank CAT D8K, D9H Specifications:
1.Part NO.: 107-3486 / 1073486
2.Net Weight:  1,330.00 LBS
3.Color: yellow or as require
4.material: Alloy steel with Cr,Mn,Mo,Ni,…
5.Technique: Precision casting
6.Certification: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001
7.Outer Packing: Iron or wooden cartons

Caterpillar Style Aftermarket – Fits CAT equipment

ripper shanks are made of tough abrasion resistant alloy steel and thru-hardened for strength and maximum wear life. We offer a complete range of shanks for most major O.E.M brands on the market, covering from smallest ripper shanks to the largest in the market.

Features Include:
AR400 shank material..
Wear guards & teeth..
Heavy duty construction for any severe application.
Solid steel shank.
Manufactured with high quality steel.

dozer ripper shank is fitted with a replaceable tungsten steel alloy tip, referred to as a ‘boot’. Ripping rock breaks the ground surface rock or pavement into small rubble easy to handle and transport, which can then be removed so grading can take place.

Bulldozer Rippers shank are used in land clearing operations where heavily compacted soil or frozen ground must be separated, allowing easier grading and dozing to take place. The steel shanks penetrate the surface of the soil to break and loosen it, enabling the dozer blade to move the soil.

quality ripper units are designed to rip in the heaviest of conditions. Our parallelogram design keeps the tines in the most efficient ripping angle, regardless of how deep you rip.

The high lift design gets the dozer ripper attachments up and out of the way to give plenty of clearance under the tines; which is ideal when moving your machine.

shank Ripper for bulldozer tine shanks are manufactured from high strength alloy steel.

Dozer ripper of replacement points are made from heat-treated alloy steel, and designed for fast penetration and quick replacement, and hydraulic cylinders are double acting. 107-3485 Ripper Shank for Cat D8K, D8N, D8L, D9H, D9N

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Product Range

104-9227 D11R SS 4.33″ X 17.72″ X 107.6″
104-9275 D11R DR 4.33″ X 17.72″ X 129.6″
8E8413 D11R MS 4″ X 15.75″ X 77.85″
8E8412 D10 SS 4″ X 15.75″ X 110.7″
118-2140 D10R SS 4″ X 15.75″ X 98.8″
109-3135 D10R DR 4″ X 15.75″ X 118.78″
8E8415 D10R MS 3.5″ X 14″ X 71.6″
8E8414 D10N SS 3.5″ X 14″ X 91.5″
8E8416 D10N DR 3.5″ X 14″ X 111.2″
8E8411 D10N SS (WIDE) 3.5″ x 15″ x 98.8″
8E8417 D10N DR (WIDE) 3.5″ X 15″ X 118″
107-3485 D9H SS 3.5″ X 14″ X 84.24″
107-3486 D9H DR 3.5″ X 14″ X 85.24″
117-4503 D9R SS 3.5″ X 14″ X 91.53″
109-9114 D9R DR 3.5″ X 14″ X 111.32″
8E5345 D9H MS 3″ X 13″ X 69.4″
8E5339 D9H SS 3″ X 13″ X 91.8″
8E5348 D9N DR 3″ X 13″ X 108.66
8E5346 D9R MS 3″ X 13″ X 63.4″
8E5347 D8N SS 3″ X 13″ X 79.13″
8E5340 D8N DR 3″ X 13″ X 96.8″
8E5342 D8L SS 3″ X 13″ X 75.16″
8E5341 D8L MS 3″ X 13″ X 59″
9W7382 D7 MS 3″ X 9″ X 48.75″
9J3139 D6 MS 3″ X 6.875″ X 28″
9J8923 D6 MS 3″ X 6.875″ X 26.25″
9J6586 D4 MS 2.25″ X 5.5″ X 21″
9J8913 D4 MS 2.25″ X 2.5″ X 20″
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