The Cat 140H’s sound structure and thoughtful design make it hard-wearing and robust – and like all Caterpillar graders, it’s known for its reliability. These are among the characteristics that make reconditioned Cat 140H motor graders such an excellent proposition.

Here we offer an overview of the Cat 140H’s key features.

Why consider a reconditioned Cat 140H motor grader?
The Cat 140H grader is the follow-up to the classic 140G, and improves on the strong foundation established by the previous model.

It was first launched in 1995, with production based in the United States, Australia, Brazil and, later, China. Well over 14,000 Cat 140H motor graders have been produced to date.

Reconditioned Cat 140H Motor Graders

Reconditioned Cat 140H Motor Graders

We offer a rundown of key features you can expect from a reconditioned Cat 140H grader. Note that specifications may vary slightly, depending on when and where a grader was manufactured.

The engine
The 140H features the Cat 3306 turbocharged 6-cylinder engine with a direct drive powershift transmission producing between 150 and 185hp. Its low fuel consumption reduces operating costs and makes the 140H grader more environmentally friendly.

Customised power curves increase peak torque resulting in higher ground speeds. The engine’s large bore-stroke design minimizes internal stresses, which increases component life.

The power train
Designed specifically for Caterpillar motor graders, the rugged transmission can handle full-power shifting and even has inching capabilities. The eight forward and six reverse gears create a broad operating range for maximum flexibility.

Electronic transmission control also assists with smooth gear shifts so surface smoothness isn’t compromised. This also results in a longer transmission life by reducing stress on transmission clutches.

The hydraulics
The 140H has a closed-centre, constant-pressure hydraulic system with a variable displacement piston pump. The load sensing system on some models helps lower power consumption and system heat making the machine more efficient.

Hydraulic flow is proportioned so that all cylinders operate at the same ratio. This results in improved productivity because all implements operate simultaneously. The hydraulic oil supply is also separate so there is no risk of cross-contamination or improper oil cooling.

The operators’ cab
The cab and operator’s station are primarily designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The cab has an adjustable suspension seat with fold-up arms and a retractable seatbelt for optimal comfort and operator safety.

Controls are positioned ergonomically for the operator to reduce strain and maximise efficiency. Many models include air conditioners and air filters. Large windows offer exceptional front and side visibility.

The design
The structure of the Cat 140H was specifically designed to eliminate weak spots by removing welds from high-stress areas. Continuous plate construction and integrated bumpers result in consistency and strength throughout the frame.

Environmental impact was also considered with the Cat 140H’s design. Both interior and exterior noise levels have been reduced, so there is less noise pollution for operators and on-site workers. The engine is also more fuel efficient and requires fewer oil changes.