What Do You Need To Know About Excavator Bucket Types

An excavator is a piece of heavy construction machinery which can be used for different tasks, including digging holes, handling materials, demolition work, forestry mulching and mining. Today, most excavators are hydraulic, especially the excavator models used in the construction and mining industry. A typical excavator consists a cabin mounted on a rotating platform, hydraulic system, a boom, stick and the most important part – a bucket. The bucket of the excavators comes in many different forms, sizes and shapes. The most commonly used excavator buckets are the following ones:

Know About Excavator Bucket Types

Know About Excavator Bucket Types

Digging Bucket – Most excavator models come with a digging bucket. Because most excavators have a digging bucket, this is a standard feature. There are few digging buckets: one for soft soils which has short blunt teeth, and another for rock or frost which is usually longer and provides better concentration of force. The width of the digging bucket varies, as well as the distance between the stick bucket and the tooth tips. A digging excavator bucket is very efficient and durable tool for different digging jobs.

V Bucket – Although it is similar to a digging bucket, this bucket type has unique design that provides extraordinary energy savings and improves the efficiency of the excavator. Unlike the typical digging bucket, this V-shaped bucket delivers better results. The bottom edge helps by increasing the depth, while the two side edges shape the slopes for excavation. With such angled sides, the operators can efficiently slope the ditch profile while operating the excavator. The V-shaped bucket is most commonly used for pipe laying excavation.

Cleanup Bucket – An excavator with a cleanup bucket is a perfect machine for scooping applications. It is also a type of a digging bucket with no teeth. The cleanup bucket is ideal for soft materials, and offers large capacity. At the bottom there is a bolt on a hard steel blade that reduces the wear and the maintenance needs. Excavators with cleanup buckets are most commonly used for sloping, ditching, backfilling and leveling applications.

Rock Bucket – Another excavator bucket type is the rock bucket. The rock bucket has a specific design and can be used for special applications only. For ripping rock loose, the bucket needs to be strong and to have long sharp teeth. The rock bucket is known for its long sharp teeth and its heavy-duty structure, which makes it extremely efficient for such applications.

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