What Are The Safe Operating Regulations for Crawler Bulldozers?

During the work of crawler bulldozers, the following safety items should be paid attention to:

1. Check whether the fuel filling point of the Crawler Bulldozer is full. Fill the water tank when the water is insufficient. Check the fuel level and when filling the fuel, fireworks are strictly prohibited.

2. Whether the joysticks are normal and in the neutral position, depending on the surroundings, there are no safety hazards.

3. Start the engine at idle speed, check the technical status of the machine, and remove the fault in time if the fault is found, and work only when the oil temperature and water temperature rise to the specified values.

4. When the traction machinery is connected, the lowest reverse gear should be used.

What Are The Safe Operating Regulations for Crawler Bulldozer

What Are The Safe Operating Regulations for Crawler Bulldozer

5. It is not allowed to refuel, add water, or adjust the work during driving. During driving, random personnel are not allowed to lean on the door or stand on the wing panel, and they are not allowed to get up and down the bulldozer when it is not stopped.

6. When the engine is not stalled, it is strictly forbidden to perform maintenance under the car.

7. When adjusting the bulldozer blade of the Hydrostatic Bulldozer, a reliable support should be placed below it to prevent the bulldozer from falling and hurting people.

8. Low-grade driving should be used to pass bridges and culverts, and bridges with a bearing capacity less than the weight of the bulldozer are prohibited.

9. When crossing the railway, you must obtain the approval of the railway management department, add wooden planks, and be directed by a special person. Use a low gear and the driving direction is perpendicular to the rail to avoid overturning the rail. When crossing the highway, you must plank planks and a special person will guide you.

10. When adjusting the driving, do not make an emergency steering, and use a low speed when turning.

11. When driving on steep slopes, try to avoid changing speeds. The gradient should not be greater than the specified value of the machine. It is strictly forbidden to drive sideways to prevent the machine from turning over.

12. When the uphill engine suddenly stops, use the left and right brakes at the same time, lower the blade, and move the reversing lever to the reverse position. Make the bulldozer slowly slide to a stable area under its own weight.

13. When the Bulldozer stops, it is necessary to cut off the engine power, brake the bulldozer, and after the standby stops, put the bulldozer down, put the gear lever in the neutral position, reduce the throttle, and let the engine idle for 5 minutes before turning off. The engine must be turned off after it is turned off. Turn on the main switch and pull out the electric key. It is forbidden to stop the machine on a steep slope, and the stopping place must be safe.

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