What Are The Phenomena Of The Failure Of Bulldozer Spare Parts

In the process of using the bulldozer,Bulldozer Spare Parts due to improper use of the operator or the bulldozer itself,Bulldozer Spare Parts it is easy to fail to walk, thereby affecting normal production activities. Therefore, in order to let the majority of friends know more about the failure of the bulldozer that may not be able to move,Bulldozer Spare Parts I will introduce some diagnosis and troubleshooting methods for the failure of the bulldozer to move. I hope it will help you.

Bulldozer Spare Parts

Bulldozer Spare Parts

Trouble phenomenon: Under normal circumstances,Bulldozer Spare Parts the bulldozer can’t run faults mainly show up in two states: one is that the bulldozer can’t start immediately,Bulldozer Spare Parts and the other is that the bulldozer is in the process of normal operation due to the increase in oil temperature. Weakness or difficulty in walking without load. Here,Bulldozer Spare Parts bulldozer rental manufacturers would like to remind everyone that if these phenomena occur during the bulldozer bulldozing process,Bulldozer Spare Parts it basically means that the bulldozer has a malfunction that cannot run. The next thing to do is to diagnose the fault.

During the wear of the track pin and the pin sleeve, the track pitch is gradually elongated, resulting in poor meshing between the drive wheel and the pin sleeve, resulting in damage to the pin sleeve and abnormal wear of the drive wheel tooth surface, which can cause snakes, flaps, and shocks. Greatly shorten the life of the walking mechanism. When the pitch cannot be restored by adjusting the tension, it is necessary to turn the track pin and pin sleeve over to get the correct track pitch. There are two ways to determine the overturning of the track pin and the pin sleeve at the site: one method is to check the track pitch is elongated by 3mm; the other method is to check the outer diameter of the pin sleeve is 3mm worn.

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