What are the key points to be mastered for safely driving a motor grader

For any construction machinery driver,Grader Spare Parts strict compliance with safe operating procedures is the basic code. Take motor grader rental equipment as an example. What are the key points to be mastered for safely driving this type of equipment? During the construction process of motor graders,Grader Spare Parts because of the high speed,Grader Spare Parts especially reversing motor graders are faster than ordinary cars, and the blind spots are relatively large, causing many accidents They all happen when reversing, so we must pay special attention when reversing.

When moving forward, look at the rearview mirror to detect the movement of pedestrians and vehicles behind. When reversing, first observe whether there are pedestrians and vehicles behind, Grader Spare Parts and then engage reverse gear. Let the idle speed go back and then accelerate again.

Another thing that is easy to appear is the splicing of the grader. Sometimes it is unavoidable to use it during the construction process, but in many cases it is inevitable that the adjustment is not correct (the front and rear wheels are not in a straight line), which also lays hidden dangers to driving safety. We generally drive Look at the front wheel,Grader Spare Parts but if the hinge is not in a straight line, the rear wheel will easily hit other wheels.

What are the key points to be mastered for safely driving a motor grader

What are the key points to be mastered for safely driving a motor grader

There is also a problem that is prone to the shovel. Because of different models, Grader Spare Parts many operations are different, and sometimes the shovel does not return to the wheel completely. Although this problem is not big,Grader Spare Parts it can be seen in the driving, but it is still necessary Be safe.

The specific operation of this method is as follows: first drain the waste oil in the fuel tank and radiator, and then add new oil. Next, the oil return pipe that enters the fuel tank should be removed, Grader Spare Parts and then the engine should be started. In short, the waste oil should be completely drained from the oil return pipe. In addition,Grader Spare Parts the motor grader rental manufacturer should especially emphasize to you that it should observe the changes in the oil level in the fuel tank in time and ensure the safe height of the oil level. When changing to new oil,Grader Spare Parts the filter element of the filter should be replaced at the same time.

Generally speaking, it is not recommended that you disassemble hydraulic components at will. If you have to disassemble because of special circumstances,Grader Spare Parts you should clean the parts with kerosene or diesel and put them in a clean place. This is mainly to avoid the mixing of impurities during reassembly.

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