Tungsten Coating Overlay, Wear Blocks & Wear Strips

HCE Tungsten Coating Overlay Teeth provides an extremely durable, abrasion resistant surface on all types of ground engaging tools where a high level of abrasion and impact resistance is required. HCE Tungsten Coating allows you to experience the hardness of tungsten without the brittleness that is associated with traditional brazed tungsten. It is most effective in slide and abrasion wear situations.


Tillage Points and equipment
Loader and Excavator Bucket Teeth
Auger Teeth
Trencher Teeth
Ripper Boots & Grader Scarifier Teeth
Cutting Edges & End Bits

Teeth , Wear Blocks and Wear Strips
At HCE Group we believe that quality is key and to get the best performance when working in tough environments you need quality wear protection. Our Domite blocks have been manufactured from a quality heavy notched white iron layer which is then bonded to a mild steel plate for a more durable design that allows you extra protection to your bucket, excavator, dragline machines or lining chutes. We also supply blocks coated with tungsten to give your tillage points a longer wear life by providing them with extra protection while allowing you a better digging performance.

Block with Tungsten
Domite Block 25mm x 240mm
Domite Block 50mm x 240mm
Domite Block 65mm x 240mm
Domite Block 90mm x 240mm
Domite Block 100mm x 240mm
Domite Block 130mm x 240mm
Scarifier Tips with Tungsten Coating Overlay
Scarifier Tips with Tungsten Coating Overlay (20 Tips)
Scarifier Tips with Tungsten Coating Overlay (50 Tips)
Scarifier Tips with Tungsten Coating Overlay (100 Tips)

Bottom Track Roller for Caterpillar CAT 303C CR Excavator

2668793 Caterpillar 303.5D CR Single Flange Bottom Roller

MINI EXCAVATOR Track Roller For Cat 303.5C Cr

Bottom Roller for Caterpillar 302.7D

Bucket Tooth Profiles According to Machine Model: Excavators and Loaders

Caterpillar style Bottom Roller 303 CR, 303CR 185-7280

John Deere End Bits T31148

John Deere Replacement End Bit T49155