The introduction excavator parts Four Roller One chain

“Four Roller One chain”is important parts for excavator. “Four roller, one chain” likely refers to a specific undercarriage configuration commonly found in certain types of heavy equipment, like excavators or bulldozers. This setup typically consists of four track rollers on each side of the machine connected by a single continuous chain that runs around these rollers.

The rollers support and guide the track chain, allowing the heavy equipment to move smoothly and distribute its weight across the tracks. This configuration is designed to provide stability, traction, and durability to the machine while operating on various terrains.

Maintaining the track system is crucial for optimal performance and longevity of the equipment. Regular inspection, lubrication, and proper tension adjustment of the chain are essential to prevent premature wear and ensure the equipment operates efficiently.

It include:Sprocket,Idler,Track Roller,Carrier Roller and track Chain


It is fixed to the travel motor reducer and has multiple teeth on the outer ring. When the traveling motor rotates, the teeth of the driving wheel will pull the sleeve of the track wheel rail, thereby driving the crawler belt to walk.


The track pulled by the drive wheel is wound around the guide wheel

3.Track Roller

Between the driving wheel and the guiding wheel, there is a row under the walking structural member that supports the vehicle body and smoothly rotates the track wheel rail to become a track roller

4.Carrier Roller

The carrier roller is located above the walking structural member to support the crawler belt and linearly rotate the track along the connecting line of the driving wheel and the guiding wheel to reduce the running resistance. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the wear of the track rail

Track chain is the track chain assembly

Undercarriage parts are essential components of heavy equipment, such as excavators, bulldozers, and track loaders. These parts are crucial for supporting the machine’s weight, providing stability, and allowing movement across different terrains. Common undercarriage parts include:

Track Chains:

Continuous chains that wrap around the sprocket and track rollers. They support the entire weight of the machine and facilitate movement.
Track Rollers:

Wheels that support the track chain. They help distribute the machine’s weight and provide smooth movement.

Toothed wheels that engage with the track chain. Sprockets help propel the machine by engaging with the track links.

Rollers positioned at the front of the undercarriage that guide the track chain and maintain proper tension.
Track Shoes:

Metal plates that make contact with the ground. They provide traction and protect the undercarriage components from wear.
Track Frame:

The framework that supports and houses the track components.
Track Adjusters:

Mechanisms that allow for the adjustment of track tension, ensuring optimal performance and reducing wear.
Bolts and Nuts:

Fasteners that secure various undercarriage components together.
Maintenance of undercarriage parts is critical to extend the life of the equipment. Regular inspections, lubrication, and prompt replacement of worn or damaged parts are essential practices to ensure the machine’s reliability and efficiency.

The specific design and composition of undercarriage parts can vary based on the type and model of the heavy equipment. Always refer to the equipment’s manual for manufacturer-recommended maintenance procedures and specifications for undercarriage components.

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