Replacement Side Cutters for Hensley, Exso and Caterpillar styles

Side Cutters
We offer replacement Side Cutters for the Hensley, Exso and Caterpillar styles.
The bolt-on Side Cutters have a wider diameter then the bucket walls. When properly mounted, the
Our Side Cutters offers enhanced side wall shrouded strength where the bucket makes contact with materials loaded. Used in tandem with cutting edges or tooth and adapter assemblies.
We also offers replacement Teeth and Adapter assemblies.

Part Number Description
Hensley Style B330 RH – 4 Bolt
Hensley Style B331 LH – 4 Bolt
Exso Style CE-17748 3L – 3 Bolt
Exso Style CE-17748 3R – 3 Bolt
Exso Style PDE 31329P – 3 Bolt
Exso Style T1156A – 6 Bolt
Exso Style T1157A – 6 Bolt
Caterpillar Style 096-4748 – 4 Bolt
Caterpillar Style 096-4747 – 4 Bolt

Sidecutters are bolt-on, replaceable wear surfaces to protect bucket sides and lower bucket maintenance costs. Sharpened sidecutters provide better bucket penetration, increase bucket width and headed capacity for bigger payloads and ultimately saving you both time and money. Replacement Hensley DRP John Deere Side Cutter

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