Reasons for High Water Temperature and Water Tank of Excavator

First, check the diesel in the fuel tank of the small excavator. After opening the water tank cover,Excavator Parts it is found that the antifreeze has a distinct diesel smell, and the antifreeze turns from dark red to pink. This phenomenon proves that there is diesel in the fuel tank, and because of these phenomena,Excavator Parts we The failure is defined as the nozzle sleeve of the engine injector guiding diesel. The antifreeze water channel radiates heat to the injector,Excavator Parts and the fuel pipe is located on the nozzle sleeve. Therefore, when the seal ring of the nozzle sleeve is aging, Excavator Parts the fuel will enter the cylinder head Radiant channel, diesel will appear in the water tank.

High Water Temperature and Water Tank of Excavator

High Water Temperature and Water Tank of Excavator

First, open the engine’s air chamber cover, remove the injector, Excavator Parts and then press the radiator to test whether the sealing ring of the nozzle sleeve is damaged. After pressing,Excavator Parts it was found that two sheaths were flowing out of the antifreeze to prove the sealing ring It is indeed damaged. Next, the sealing ring of the mouthpiece needs to be repaired and replaced. First, pull out the jacket. When pulling out the jacket,Excavator Parts please use the jacket professional tool.

This tool is three-quarters of the British system. The system faucet buckle (in Install a sealing plug at the bottom of the jacket to prevent waste from entering the cylinder). When it is necessary to pay attention to the buckle, the weight of the small excavator should not deviate from the faucet,Excavator Parts otherwise the cylinder head will be damaged. Pull out the jacket with three-quarter screws. Do not pull Too hard to prevent slippage of the jacket.

After successfully pulling out the outlet sleeve,Excavator Parts clean the internal iron and carbon deposits and the oil deposits in the oil cylinder. After cleaning, install a new mouth sleeve and install it. When installing, the mouth sleeve has different types of seals, so pay attention to the seal ring After installing the sealing ring,Excavator Parts use a special tool to install the sealing ring. Before installing the mouth sleeve,Excavator Parts the small excavator must apply butter on the sealing ring to ensure that the sealing ring is in place. No damage to the sealing ring. When installing the jacket, use a hammer slowly Slow installation.

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