MTG Systems KingMet

It will work without breakage
Robust and resistant system
• Since there is a greater distance between the contact surfaces
between tooth and adapter, the lever effect means that the system is subject to less stress.
• The elliptical shape of the nose makes the contact surfaces between the tooth and the adapter greater, for an improved distribution of stress, thus lengthening the adapter’s service life.

MTG Systems KingMet

MTG Systems KingMet

• Resistant to all types of stresses:

Frontal: the angle of the shoulder of the adapter being less than 90º means that the tooth box tends to fit more tightly into the adapter in the event of frontal stresses.

Lateral: The ears surrounding of the adapter prevents the ears from opening.

Vertical: the double stabilization surface counteracts the force caused by vertical stresses so that the tooth, adapter, and pin are subject to less stress.

Tooth change: faster, easier and safer
Less machine downtime and increased operator safety

Since the system has a vertical pin, less effort is needed to insert or remove it. The vertical pin does not interfere with other elements of the bucket (protectors, etc.).

Characteristics of the pin

• The pin body, made of the highest quality steel to afford it the optimal resistance that permits reuse.

• The retainer, consisting of two components, ElastoMet, which
provides elasticity and flexibility, and compact polyurethane, together in a single piece.

The combination of a sturdy, reusable body and an elastic, flexible pin provides great flexibility in assembly and, in turn, the greatest reliability and guarantee that the MTG Systems KingMet locking system works properly.

Longer wear life and performance

Longer lasting teeth
• More wear life, because as the fitting system is so sturdy, we can make the teeth longer without risking breakage

• Made with Aceros MTG Steels: technologically the most advanced, they afford it greater duration and fewer breakages.

Totally integrated locking system
The pin is totally protected from wear and impact, since it is housed in the adapter.

Teeth stay always sharp
Better bucket penetration
The profile of the tooth is particularly designed to offer excellent penetration throughout its service life.

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