KOMATSU PC200 Bucket Side Cutter

1. Material: Alloy steel
2. Part Number: 205-70-74180
3. Model: KOMATSU
4. Brand Name:  OEM.
5. Place of Origin: China

Product Presentation:

Bucket teeth are the main wear resistant parts during the operation of construction equipments. The service life of a bucket tooth determines the working efficiency.

With years experience of production and sales, we provide all kinds of bucket tooth that are suitable for various needs.

KOMATSU PC200 Bucket Side Cutter

KOMATSU PC200 Bucket Side Cutter

Strict quality control ensures superior products. For each production, we strictly perform microstructure analysis and composition test for the material, by which guarantee us the right content and purity.

After the thermal treatment, we also perform the tests for hardness, tensile, AKV and flaws for each production. All the products will go through matching tests before getting painted.

Our superior quality control ensures our products keep leading the business among domestic peers.

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