How to solve the slow movement of the excavator

During the driving process, the most depressing, of course, the excavator is slow to swallow. Whether it is turning or working, it is like Alzheimer’s disease. Whenever this time, our excavator will have a fist in cotton. The power of nowhere makes the feeling…

The first trick: check if the parts are moving slowly

The single action is slow to implement, including walking, lifting the arm, turning, and turning the bucket. If it is a single operation such as walking, reversing, lifting the arm, and retracting the bucket, the speed is slower. For example: the relief valve pressure of the excavator related components is too low (testing is required); the pump, low pressure sensor, multi-way valve failure; related solenoid valve failure, spool release.

1, the component itself is faulty

That is, the operating component itself accepts poor information or poor contact during implementation, or the associated component’s own relief valve pressure is too low (the overflow valve can control the overall pressure, and the hydraulic system will overflow beyond the pressure that the overflow valve can withstand) The excavator hand can perform maintenance treatment by tapping the component to see if there is loose screw or pressure test. slow movement of the excavator

2. Conduction process failure

That is, a fault occurs during the command conduction process, which hinders the transmission of the command signal, so it is possible to check the condition of the pump, the low pressure sensor, and the multi-way valve to see if there is a failure.

3. Operation center failure

That is, the excavator’s command sends out a central fault, which causes the signal to be unsuccessful. This situation is generally complicated and requires professional maintenance guidance. You can carefully check the relevant solenoid valve faults and whether the spool is issued.

How to solve the slow movement of the excavator

How to solve the slow movement of the excavator

The second measure: check whether the excavator is moving slowly

1. Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is one of the excavator’s power system. If the excavator is slow, the hydraulic system should be checked, whether there is daily maintenance on time, and whether the hydraulic oil is regularly replaced. The expired hydraulic oil will not only affect the performance of the excavator. It will also corrode the hydraulic wall of the excavator. At the same time, it should also check whether the hydraulic oil circuit and the oil return filter are blocked. If there is any blockage, the oil circuit should be cleaned. In severe cases, the parts should be replaced.

2, the engine power is too low

Like the hydraulic system, the engine is also one of the excavator’s power systems. The low engine power will result in low output power, and the excavator will brake the car, making the excavator move slowly.

The output power of the engine is too low, the power is insufficient. Please analyze the output of the engine with DX data. Whether all the cylinders can work at the same time; check whether the engine has black smoke. If the nozzle is worn seriously, it will cause the engine power to drop.

3, hydraulic pump

Insufficient hydraulic pump output, which is one of the conduction faults of the hydraulic system, the excavator hand can enter the service diagnostic system to carry out the relevant pressure test to see if the excavator moves slowly due to the conduction of the hydraulic pump.

The hydraulic pump output is insufficient, and the service diagnostic system can be tested for relevant pressure. The insufficient pilot pressure causes insufficient pressure on the open spool, resulting in insufficient flow and slow operation.

4, circuit related issues: excavator CPU, high and low voltage sensors, solenoid valves and line faults.

slow movement of the excavator

The third measure: if the cold machine is normal, the heat engine moves slowly.

1. Check the oil

Check whether the fuel used meets the requirements of the excavator. If the fuel is not replaced for a long time or the oil is too dirty, replace it if it is too dirty. Check the oil filter for copper scraps, causing the main pump to wear. If it is worn, disassemble it. View; at this time, the filter, the pilot filter, the oil return filter, and the oil filter are blocked.

2, the filter is blocked

If the filter element is blocked, the oil path will be unsatisfactory. Therefore, check whether the pilot filter element, the return oil filter element and the oil absorption filter element are blocked. If the filter element is clogged, the plugged material should be cleaned. If it is serious, the filter element should be replaced.

3, the main pump conditioner

The piston of the main pump conditioner is muddy. The excavator spends most of its daily work dealing with the soil. Therefore, it is inevitable that the piston is muddy, but the piston blockage will cause the pump pressure of the main pump to decrease and the output power to decrease. Make the excavator move slowly. Therefore, when the excavator is in daily maintenance and repair, it is necessary to clean the mud of each part.

The excavator’s slow movement problem, of course, makes the excavator masters very unhappy, but undoubtedly this is also a signal that the excavator gives everyone. At this time, the excavator master must carefully check the digging machine fault, and comprehensively overhaul from these aspects. Excavator, let our excavator get rid of dementia and return to the age of twenty! Digging machine is like a girlfriend, you care for it, he will be young forever!

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