How To Prolonging The Service Life Of Bucket Teeth?

Excavator bucket teeth are vulnerable, consumables, but if no attention, bucket tooth loss is fairly quickly, it will cause the overall cost is also very big, so we need as far as possible under the condition of the guarantee efficiency and reduce the loss, cost savings, as far as possible the use of a few tricks to prolong the life of bucket teeth using.Here are a few tips.
Firstly, practice has proved that in the use of excavator bucket teeth, the outer bucket teeth of the bucket are worn 30% faster than the inner one. It is suggested that after a period of time, the inside and outside of the bucket teeth should be reversed.
Secondly, buckets in the use of the process to look at the working environment, to determine the specific type of bucket teeth, generally excavated soil, weathered sand, coal surface to use flat head bucket teeth.RC type bucket teeth are used for digging block hard rock, and TL type bucket teeth are generally used for digging block coal seam. TL bucket teeth can improve the block rate of coal.In be used actually often users like general RC type bucket tooth, suggest not special circumstances don’t generally use the RC type bucket tooth, had better use flat dipper teeth, because of the RC type bucket tooth use after a period of time in front of the wear and tear, like “fist” increased the digging resistance, waste of power, and even mouth the bucket tooth in the process of wear and tear always maintain a sharp surface, reduce the digging resistance, save fuel.

How To Prolonging The Service Life Of Bucket Teeth

How To Prolonging The Service Life Of Bucket Teeth

Thirdly, excavator driver’s driving method to improve the utilization rate of dipper teeth is very crucial, excavator driver in the lift arm as far as possible don’t scoop, if the driver’s side lift arm, collect scoop so that operation can make the bucket tooth is an upward traction, make the bucket tooth tear from the top, to put the bucket tooth torn, this action will pay special attention to the coordination of the action.Some excavator drivers are often too hard in the action of enlarging the arm and sending the forearm. They quickly “knock” the bucket onto the rock or force the bucket to fall on the rock. This will break the bucket teeth, or it is easy to knock the bucket on the crack and break the big arm.
Then, the wear of the tooth seat is also very important for the service life of the excavator bucket teeth. After the tooth seat is worn off by 10% — 15%, it is recommended to replace the tooth seat, because there is a large gap between the tooth seat and the bucket tooth which is too worn, so that the match of the bucket tooth and the tooth seat and the stress point have changed.
Finally, the operator of the excavator should pay attention to the operation of the Angle of digging in the operation, try to master the excavation, when the bucket teeth are dug down, they are perpendicular to the working face, or the inclination Angle is not greater than 120 degrees, so as to avoid breaking the bucket teeth due to the excessive inclination.Also pay attention not to swing the excavating arm around in the case of large resistance, which will make the bucket teeth and tooth seat due to the left and right force is too large and fracture, because most of the mechanical design principle of bucket teeth, did not consider the left and right force design.

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