How to Maintain The Excavator

Excavators are large-scale construction machinery,Excavator Parts and whether they can be used normally every day is related to whether the work can be performed normally. Therefore,Excavator Parts minor problems with parts should not be ignored. If the work is started normally in order to minimize the failure rate of excavator parts, Excavator Parts the best choice that can be achieved is to maintain it properly. So how should the excavator be maintained?

Daily inspection, before starting the construction of the excavator,Excavator Parts it is also necessary to check before starting the engine, such as checking the level of the coolant (adding water), checking whether the air filter is blocked, Excavator Parts checking the oil level of the excavator engine, and checking the hydraulic oil Oil level (add hydraulic oil), Excavator Parts check the excavator fuel level (add fuel), check whether the horn is normal, check the lubrication of the bucket, check the water and sediment in the oil-water separator, etc. As the use time increases, for example, the daily inspection cannot be performed during the continuous rush period, and the inspection can be performed every other week. At this time, attention should be paid to checking the belt tension,Excavator Parts battery electrolyte and oil replacement in the engine oil pan.

How to Maintain The Excavator

How to Maintain The Excavator

Weekly maintenance, weekly replacement of the excavator fuel filter element, inspection and cleaning of the excavator radiator fins, inspection of the height of the rotary pinion grease, oil cooler fins and cooling fins,Excavator Parts hydraulic oil filter elements Replace and replace the oil in the final transmission box, clean the internal and external air filter elements of the air conditioner system of the excavator, and replace the hydraulic oil vent filter element.

If even a small filter element is not replaced in time,Excavator Parts it may affect the normal use of the entire excavator, or even break down, so weekly maintenance is also necessary.

Cleaning and maintenance: The excavator needs to clean the hydraulic oil tank filter, Excavator Parts check the generator, start the motor, check the engine valve clearance, check and clean the turbocharger,Excavator Parts and check the shock absorber; check the oil level of the shock absorber shell (return to the oil ) Inspection,Excavator Parts replacement of the oil in the slewing mechanism box of the excavator, inspection of all fasteners of the turbocharger,Excavator Parts inspection and replacement of the generator belt tension, replacement of the anti-corrosion filter element and replacement of the oil in the final transmission box.

The role of maintenance for the excavator is self-evident. Excavator Parts Various failures will occur during the use of the excavator. Frequent maintenance and inspection can effectively reduce the occurrence of failures and extend the service life of the excavator.

Of course,Excavator Parts according to different models and the specific usage of the excavator, the maintenance cycle and maintenance items will be different.
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