Hardness Testing Ways of Casting Bucket Teeth

Hardness is a natural characteristic of investment casting materials, not a fundamental physical property. It is defined as the resistance to indentation, and it is determined by measuring the permanent depth of investment castings. Different cast alloys will show different hardness results. To add the wear resistance of investment castings, we can improve the hardness by heat treatment according to the requirement of our customers. We use modern, automated hardness testers to test the hardness of your products.

Hardness Testing Ways of Casting Bucket Teeth

Hardness Testing Ways of Casting Bucket Teeth

Brinell Hardness

Brinell hardness testing is the oldest testing method that is still regularly used. The hardness tester used by this test is a spherical penetrating body. For Brinell hardness tests, a bullet, usually with a diameter of 10 mm, is pressed into the surface of the part to be tested. The pressing force can be adjusted depending on the material to be investigated. Based on the impression made on the surface of investment castings, the Brinell hardness is determined. The Brinell hardness value of investment castings will be shown in HB.

Rockwell Hardness

It uses a bullet-shaped or cone-shaped penetrating body. In a Rockwell test, hardness is interpreted as “resistance to local penetration”. The test determines the depth to which a penetrating body (spherical or cone-shaped) has penetrated after being tested with a standard testing load. This results in a hardness number that can be read off immediately after removing the testing load. Rockwell hardness is expressed as a number on a particular scale. The Rockwell scales used most often for steel are the B and C scales. The rockness hardness value of investment castings will be shown in HRC.

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