Ground Engaing Tools Double Bevel Cutting Edges

Part Name: Cutting Edges, Cutting Blades
Matched Machine: CAT Bulldozer
CATERPILLAER D8 Bulldozers parts numbers:OEM numbers from catalogue
CAT D8 dozers OEM numbers: 4T3418, 4T6298, 1073476, 4T6669, 4T6670, 7J2975, 7J2976, and others
Equipment models matched: CAT D8 Model
Material: 45# High Carbon Steel Heat Treaedt
30MnB Boron Steel Heat Treated
CAT D8 thickness: 20mm/30mm/40 for dozer cutting edge
25mm/30mm/40mm/45mm for dozer end bit
Hardness: HARDOX 500 HARDOX 300
Production lead time: fast delivery, generally in 15-25 days
Ports available: QINGDAO, NINGBO or Shanghai

Our main products are grader blades, cutting edges, end bits, ripper shanks, bucket teeth, adapters, track shoes and others, matched many brands such as Caterpiller, Komatsu, JCB, HITACHI, SHANTUI and other large global brands for construction machinery. We also provide O.E.M. spare parts, customized services to those brands and other international distributors.

Our Advantage
1, Nearly about 11 years production experiences
2, New and our own R&D Techniques
3, First-rate production Technology
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Ground Engaing Tools Double Bevel Cutting Edges

Ground Engaing Tools Double Bevel Cutting Edges

Our other hot models

Part No. Description Weight


Model Application
4T2322 Cutting Edge 632*330*40 6*1″ 60 9U
4T2307 Cutting Edge 633*330*35 6*1″ 53.1 9U
7T6591 Cutting Edge 983*280*25 6*7/8″ 50.7 D7RII,D7R,D7E,D7RIIXR,D7RLGP,D7RIILGP,D7H
9W8656 Cutting Edge 779*280*35 5*7/8″ 54.3 8U
9W1878 Cutting Edge 1229*254*19 8*3/4″ 43 6SU
4T2994 Cutting Edge 1215*254*25 8*1″ 56.5 8A
107-3475 Cutting Edge 922*254*45 6*7/8″ 74.2 8U
107-3481 Cutting Edge 922*254*45 6*1″ 73.9 8U,8A
144-70-11131 Cutting Edge 1660*203*19 11*3/4” 45.4 D58, D60, D65, D65
14X-71-11310 Cutting Edge 1383*203*19 9*3/4” 40 D60A, D65A-8
175-70-26310 Cutting Edge 1064*254*25 7*7/8” 49.4 D135, D155
17A-71-11351 Cutting Edge 764*330*30 5*1” 55 D155
17M-71-21550 Cutting Edge 1088*330*30 7*1” 79.3 D275A-2
198-71-11181 Cutting Edge 1192*406*40 8*1-1/4” 143 D375, D455
198-71-31540 Cutting Edge 861*406*45 5*1-1/4” 111.6 D475
198-71-31550 Cutting Edge 1192*406*45 8*1-1/4” 158.8 D475
And so on

Caterpillar D8 Dozer Centre Cutting Blade 45MM 107-3476, 1073476

Steps to Replace Grader & Bulldozer Blades

107-3363, 1073363 CAT D7 BULLDOZER Center Cutting Blade (EWL) 35MM

Caterpillar D8 BULLDOZER Central Cutting Blade 45MM 107-3474, 1073474

Loader Cutting Blades

4T-2231, 4T2231 Caterpillar Genuine Cat Ground Engaging Tools Blades

Single Blade Moldboards and Trip Edges