Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T.) Wear Parts

Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T.) is a high-quality system designed to protect against structural harm and wear to your heavy equipment. G.E.T. parts assist you to protect expensive blades, buckets and ripper shanks on your machines from wear and structural harm from the moment they hit the ground.

Suitable for construction, earthmoving, mining, and agricultural applications, Terra Cat offers a wide array of integrated Cat ground engaging tools for your machine that are optimized for productivity, including:

Edge Protection


Ripper Protection

Cutting Edges

Sidebar Protection


Wear Protection

Talk to us to ensure you select the ground engaging tools to suit your operation.

Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T.) Wear Parts

Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T.) Wear Parts

Cutting Edges

We offers a wide range of grader cutting edges for motor graders and scrapers. Each provides benefits when used in the appropriate application. Using the right edge is critical for enhancing production and keeping total costs to a minimum. The three factors to consider in choosing a cutting edge are shape, width and thickness.

There are two basic edge shapes for motor graders – flat and curved – with serrated edges available in both configurations. In addition, the Grader Bits System dramatically expands the range of edge shape options. We offer two types of grader edges and three edge thicknesses for the 16M and 24M motor graders.

Dozer Blades

Dozers work many different industries, applications, climates and environments and can be customized for specific jobs just like the Cat G.E.T. that protects dozer blades or ripper systems. Both of these work tools have to balance ground penetration or wear life. Dozer blades, cutting edges and end bits are designed to move more material over a longer period with less downtime, translating into a lower cost per hour for you. Ground Engaging Tools Wear Parts

End bits and cutting edges for dozer blades can be custom ordered with Abrasion Resistant Material which is recommended for applications where sand, gravel or other abrasive materials severely diminish wear life. Ground Engaging Tools Wear Parts

3G8282 Dozer Bucket Cutting Edge Bits

3G8281 Hot Cup End Bit Cutting Edge for Caterpillar

4T3004 Cat Bulldozer D6R, 825, DV87, D5B, 5A Cutting Edge 19mm

D6 D6S Bulldozer Cutting Edge End Bit 4T3011 4T3012

4T2993, 4T-2993 Center Cutting Edge for 814 Caterpillar Wheel Dozer / Compactor