Excavator failure analysis: Why does the engine deposit carbon? What is the matter?

The engine is the source of power for the excavator. If there is a problem with the engine, it will directly affect the normal power of the excavator. The most common faults in excavator engines are weakness, high temperature, abnormal noise, carbon deposits, and so on. Today, why do you have a carbon deposit failure? How to deal with carbon deposits?

excavator carbon deposit failure

First of all, what is carbon deposit? Carbon deposits are actually products of no complete combustion. When the engine is in operation, the unsaturated olefins and colloids in the oil and fuel are not completely burned at high temperatures, and the black coke-like substances are often called carbon deposits. Carbon deposits can be divided into The valve, the carbon deposit in the combustion chamber and the carbon deposit in the intake pipe.

Why does the excavator engine have carbon deposits?
Excavator engines will have various failures during use. Carbon deposition is a common type. If you don’t say much, let’s talk about the three reasons why the excavator engine carbon deposits.

1. Excessive impurities in the fuel used by the excavator daily. In real life, it is impossible to achieve complete purity of fuel, and the filter also has a filtration limit. When some small impurities in the fuel are burned and carbonized in the cylinder, carbon deposits are generated.

2. The moving parts in the engine are worn out. When the engine is running at high speed, the cylinder liner, valve, piston, piston ring, etc. in the cylinder will generate debris due to wear, and the debris will be deposited in the cylinder and the valve will be carbonized.

3. The intake air is not pure enough, the filter can not completely filter out the impurities entering the air, some impurities will enter the combustion chamber, and carbon will appear after combustion carbonization.

Excavator failure analysis Why does the engine deposit carbon What is the matter

What is the impact of engine carbon deposits?

1. Carbon deposition will reduce the power of the engine, resulting in uneven engine power output; it will also increase fuel consumption.

2. The more carbon accumulated in the piston groove, the more the piston ring will stick, causing the piston ring to deform, scratch the cylinder liner, and pull the cylinder.

3. A large amount of carbon deposits sometimes block the fuel injection port, and the injector needs to be replaced.

4. When there is too much carbon deposit at the valve, the valve will be unevenly stressed, and the valve stem will break and the valve chassis will break.

5. The carbon deposit in the combustion chamber is serious, causing the cylinder to knock. The low speed accelerates the sound, which damages the piston and the crankshaft and affects the safety of the excavator.

What are the solutions for carbon deposits in excavators?

1. In order to prevent carbon deposits, you should choose high-quality oil and fuel for your excavator, because impurities such as wax and colloid in fuel are the main reasons for carbon deposits.

2. When there is engine carbon deposit, the friends can purchase carbon additives to reduce the adsorption of colloid and sediment, which is also one of the ways to reduce carbon deposit.

3. The more direct way is the mechanical grinding method. A friend can use a wire brush, a scraper, a bamboo piece or an abrasive cloth to polish and clean the carbon deposit.

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