Excavator Bucket Teeth Regular Inspection and Maintenance Work

With the realization of mechanical equipment, people have gradually adapted to mechanical operation, but in the process of using mechanical equipment, we often encounter a lot of small problems, sometimes sudden mechanical failure when working, which is a very frustrating and helpless thing, so how to reduce or avoid these failures?Now let’s briefly introduce the bucket teeth of the rotary excavator.To do a good job of excavator bucket teeth regular inspection and maintenance work

1) leak detection: check all parts of the machine without oil, water and fuel leakage.

2) check whether the elastic joints and accessories are scratched, broken or deformed.

3) check the fixation and connection of the hydraulic device.

4) check the appearance of mechanical parts.

5) check the working conditions of operating devices, control lights and all kinds of indicator lights.

6) check the working condition of the bucket tooth engine of rotary excavator: whether there is any problem with the exhaust color, whether there is any abnormal sound, and determine the position of the abnormal sound.

These are effective measures to avoid mechanical failure during construction.If you have a similar bad experience, try the approach in this article.I’m sure you’ll get something!

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