Excavator Bucket Teeth Pins and Retainers

Type: tooth pins and retainers, Pins and Locks, Pins and Washers.
Material: 40Cr
Hardness: HRC38-42
Surface: Black, galvanization or according to customer’s request
Packaging Details: Carton box + plywood case
Delivery time: 25-30 days
Certification: ISO9001:2008
Payment terms: T/T
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Please contact us for more information. And if you are not sure which pins are right for your bucket teeth, our staff will help you.

Cterpillar bucket teeth pins and retainer

8E6208,8E6209,8E6209,4t0001,4t0001,13237,13259,112338,112838,1123636373639,112859,132859,11536,119549, 7T3408,1167408,8E8409,1167409,6Y2527,1U1458,8E6359,1140359,8E0468,1140468,8E8469,1073469,6Y8558,1073378,1U1558,8E5559,1078559,3G9559,6I6608,1139608,6I6609,1139609,4T4708,1134708,4T4707,1134709,1341808,1020101,1341809,132608,4g982007432820012,3g982,4g9680012,3g9980012013J98008,5K1458,5K1459,5K1459,5K1459,5K1459,5K1459,5k1999 …

Komatsu bucket blade pins: 20X-70-00100,203-70-74281,09244-02489,09244-02496,09244-02508,09244-02516,093074,402-4023 -72-14330, 21N-72-14331, 195-78-71360,198-78-21410,175-78-21340,175-78-21810,175-78-21740.

Hyundai bucket teeth pins and Retainer: E161-3035, 61E5-11150, 5411-180002, E262-5004, 61E5-11150, 61E7-0105, 61EH-111700, 61EH-111700, ……

Daewoo bucket teeth pins and retainer: 2705-9014,2705-9015,2705-1020,2114-9008,2705-9010,2114-1849,2705-1021,2114-1849-1814-1849,2114-1849

ESCO / Hitachi pin & Rubber lock: 18-20PN, 18LK, 22PN, 22LK, 25-30PN, 25-30LK, 35PN, 205-70-74281, 35-40LK, 205-70-74291,40PN, 35-40LK , 45LK, 45LK, 50LK, 55PN, 55LK, 4K0043, 4K0041, V13-V17PN, V19-V23PN, V29PN, V33PN, V39PN, V43PN, V51PN, V51PN, V59PN, V61PN, V69PN, V71PN……

Liebherr bucket teeth pins and Rubber locks: 914 pins, 944 pins, 954 pins……

Bofors bucket tooth pins: 6254673-30201,6254675-31201,6254667-32201,6254682-33201,6254679-35201……

H&L Rolling pin and Flex pin: P156, P160, P162,230PN, 240PN, P400HD, 23PB, 23PN, 23FP, TF23, S23PA……

Fit models
KOMATSU: PC20/PC30/PC40/PC50/PC60/PC100/PC200/PC300/PC400
CATERPILLAR: E70B/E120B/E311/E312/E180/E240/E200B/E320/E300/E300B/E325/E330
HITACHI 🙁 EX SERIES, ZX SERIES) EX30/EX40/EX55/EX60/EX70/EX100/EX200/EX300/EX400/ZAX200/ZAX330/ZAX450
KOBELCO: SK045/SK045SR/SK04-2/SK07-1/SK07-2/SK07N2/SK045-1/SK045-2/SK200/SK220/SK230/SK300/SK400
HYUNDAI: R55/R60/R80/R130/R200/R210/R290/R305
VOLVO: EC55/EC210/EC240/EC290/EC360
KATO: HD250/HD400/HD450/HD700/HD720/HD770/HD800/HD820/HD1250/HD1430/HD1880
DAEWOO: DH55/DH80/DH150/DH200/DH220/DH280/DH300
SUMITOMO: SH60/SH120/SH260/SH265/SH200/SH280/SH220/SH300/SH330

EXCAVATOR BUCKET, CAT 308, RETAINER FOR TOOTH (REQUIRES PIN) · SKU: 6102014. Categories: Excavator Buckets Tags: Mechanical (pins bearings welded components etc.) …
pin and retainer for excavator bucket teeth
Bucket teeth pin and retainer: 1.Material: casting alloy steel. 2.Hardness: HRC 38-52. 3.Grade: 10.9. 4.Heat treatment is carried out to ensure the right ..
customized & OEM part number, we have over 3000 part numbers of Excavator bucket teeth and adapters. Over 11 years experience. OEM & ODM are avaliable. free spare parts.
17 Jan 2021 — Description. UKBT020 Digger Bucket tooth Retainer to suit UKBT019 Fixmet MF22U FE22U pin 82mm x 10mm. Please Contact us for more information.
4 X CAT 225 Pins and Retainers – CAT 225 Tip. £25.91. 4 X Excavator Cat 225 Rock Style Bucket Tip 1U3352R Tooth. £107.99. CAT 225 Pin and Retainer – CAT 225 …
Description: Case Backhoe Bucket Tooth Retainer Pin. Attaches shank to tooth; Fits Case 480B, 480C, 480D, 480E, 580, 580B, 580C, 580D, 580E, 580 Super E, …

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