Difference Between Forged and Cast Teeth?

You will undoubtedly notice that there are various types of bucket teeth available. Usually forged and cast bucket teeth will be among the types offered.

What is the difference between forged and cast teeth? How do you know which to choose? To ensure strength and durability, bucket teeth are often forged. Forged teeth are made from heat-treated alloy steel to help sustain wear resistance so you can often come to expect a longer wear life from forged teeth. Cast Teeth are made from austempered ductile iron and heat-treated to offer maximum resistance to wear and impact. They are strong and lightweight in design and cast teeth are self-sharpening. The harder the tooth material, the greater the resistance against wear, abrasion, and impact, and the longer the wear life. The disadvantages are that there are more limits on shaping and forged teeth come at a higher cost.

Difference Between Forged and Cast Teeth

Difference Between Forged and Cast Teeth

Excavator teeth can be divided into rock teeth (for iron ore, stone mines, etc.), earth teeth (for excavation of soil, sand, etc.), tapered teeth (for coal mines). According to the tooth holder: The bucket teeth of the excavator can be divided into vertical pin teeth (mainly Hitachi excavators), cross pin teeth (Komatsu excavator, Carter excavator, Daewoo excavator, Kobelco excavator, etc.), Rotary bucket teeth (V series bucket teeth).

When you leave bucket teeth to wear down for too long, your excavator will take far longer to complete tasks and will use more fuel too. Dull bucket teeth will result in a greater percussive shock to be transmitted via the bucket to the digging arm and undercarriage of the machine. This can result in damage to the equipment and accelerated wear to the other undercarriage components.

If you are in doubt about the best teeth to use, please contact us for advice. The reliable performance and wear that comes from using the most appropriate teeth is worthy.

Forging Teeth vs Casting Teeth

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