Daewoo Excavator Spare Parts 2713-9038 Bucket Tooth
2713-9038 Excavator Tooth Point ; Material. Alloy Steel ; Model Name/Number. 2713-9038 ; Weight. 1.8 kg ; Surface Hardness. 52 HRC ; Tensile …
Surface Hardness: 52 HRC Material: Alloy Steel
Dh280 Excavator Spare Parts Bucket Tooth 2713-9038 ; Condition. New ; Part No. 2713-9038 ; Weight. 7.2kgs ; Material. Alloy Steel ; Transport Package. According to …
Product Description. 2713-9038 Standard Dirt Bucket Teeth For DAEWOO DH280, Daewoo style standard dirt bucket tooth, DH280 DAEWOO EXCAVATOR SIDE PINNED TIPS …
Query price 2713-9038 27139038 POINT KOMATSU SOLAR POINT ✓ Buy part Catalogue scheme. Machinery parts: genuine, oem, Buy new aftermarket Usage: SOLAR.
1.Basic Info: Part no:2713-9038/2713-9038RC Usage:DH280 excavator bucket tooth replace for Doosan Trade mark: Aili or Customized Material:Alloy.
Query price  27139038 POINT Doosan POINT ✓ Buy part Catalogue scheme. Machinery parts: genuine, oem, Buy new aftermarket.
(2713-9038) hyundai excavator bucket tooth
Specifications. DH280 bucket tooth 1)Material: alloy steel 2)Hardness:48-52HRC 3)Impact force:>=16J. Bucket teeth suitable for the machines …
Daewoo DH280 Standard Bucket Tooth 2713-9038 · Matching Parts Information · Quick Details · Production Process · Quality Control · CAT J350 bucket teeth DM35S.
Tooth. Manufacturers: American Crane & Tractor Parts, Costex Tractor Parts, H-E Parts Distribution, ITR America, Regal, Romac, Trek, Valuepart.
Excavator Parts 2713-9038 Excavator Bucket Teeth Bucket Tooth Bucket Lip For Hyundai R290 , Find Complete Details about Excavator Parts  Excavator …

2110-1282A BUSHING
114-00191B SPACER
2114-1059D163 SHIM
123-00118A PIN
21232184C PIN
2114-1059D160 SHIM
4114-4144A SPACER
K1007256 PIN
2110-1209A BUSHING
4110-1318A BUSHING
2180-1106AD18 SEAL DUST
K1004334 BUSHING
803164070 SEAL DUST   Daewoo Excavator Bucket Teeth 2713-9040
2123-2265B PIN
4123-2368B PIN
123-00668A PIN
110-00062A BUSHING
2123-2438 PIN   DH500TL Tilting Bucket Tooth for Daewoo Doosan 500 Excavator
00B109-0 BUSHING
2123-2202G PIN
123-00020A PIN
2123-2349B PIN
110-00062B BUSHING
1100232129 BEARING
4123-4108 PIN    Daewoo Style Digger Bucket Teeth Point 2713-9041
2123-1984A PIN
41232404B PIN
2123-1994 PIN
K1018517 BUSHING
2123-2347A PIN
K1006849 PIN
2123-2310B PIN
4110-1416 SPACER   2713-1217 Dirt Daewoo Tooth
123-00443 PIN
2110-1303 BUSHING
2114-1059D264 SHIM
K1005224B PIN
K1010028 BUSHING
2110-6045 BUSHING
2123-2012 PIN    2713-1212 Daewoo Unitooth
K1000205 PIN
2123-2436 PIN
41232403 PIN
2123-2211 PIN
110-00244 BUSHING
2123-4055 PIN
4123-4204A PIN
2110-1027D18 BUSHING
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00B108-1 BUSHING
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2180-1106D5 SEAL AS
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