High performance cutting edges are our specialty and our HCEPARTS  Blades are the best you’ll find on the market.

We guarantee you’ll get better cost-per-hour performance from an HCEPARTS Blade over your previous cutting edge product. If you experience otherwise we’ll refund the difference in cost-per-hour from your previous product. In order to make a fair comparison you must provide accurate records of the wear life of both products. The machine, operator, site must also be the same for both products.

Below are some examples of Cutting Edges we specialise in

Loader Edges
Base edges, Bolt on Edges, Half Arrows, Side Cutters and cutting edges
Excavator Edges
Base edges, Bolt on Edges, Side Cutters and Base edges for Adapters
Scraper Edges
Router bits, Bolt on Edges, and End Bits
Dozer Edges
Bolt on Edges, Hot Cupped End Bits, Level Cut End Bits, plus Plow Bolts and Nuts
Bar Stock
Single and Double Bevel Bar stock, and Pre-Drilled

We’ve got experts on the ground across CHINA. Get in touch so we can visit and spec you an HCEPARTS  Blade guaranteed to reduce your running costs and downtime.

4T2238, 4T-2238 Caterpillar Tractor Flat Cutting Edge

7T3496, 7T-3496 Caterpillar Double Bevel Cutting Edge Flat

7T3495, 7T-3495 Caterpillar Flat Grader Blades

7T3494, 7T-3494 Caterpillar Motorgrader Flat Blades

4Z8129, 4Z-8129 Double Bevel Flat Blade Cutting Edge

4T2234, 4T-2234 Caterpillar style Grader Blades

4T6511, 4T-6511, 8D0226 CATERPILLAR Motorgrader Flat Blade