Cutting Edges Made From 500 Grade High-Wear Plates

Are you looking for a custom made cutting edge designed to stay sharper for longer while saving you money?

A Cutting Edge That Comes With A 100% Risk-Free Iron-Clad
Guarantee To At Least DOUBLE The Lifespan Of
Any Other Genuine Cutting Edge You Use?
Are you tired of unreliable materials that wear out faster with each set you buy? The type of b-grade cutting edges that can’t handle the wear and tear of the workload you put them under?

Truth is, most cutting edges are sourced from shoddy overseas materials, raising the stress your machines and buckets are put under day in and day out – and leading to more wear and tear that quickly raises your maintenance and labour costs.

Would You Like Cutting Edges Made
From 500 Grade High-Wear Plates?
Australian made, tried-and-tested cutting edges will slash your wear and tear, downtime and labour costs.

With over 30 years of combined experience producing cutting edges made from tough BAO steel, HCEPARTS can make custom edges that suit your company’s specific needs

Our cutting Edges are shaped from 500 grade high wear plates – Specifically designed to remain sharper for much longer than any competitor’s cutting edges. This decreases the wear and stress on both your buckets and machines while simultaneously increasing job penetration. Simply put, Terrappe cutting edges will reduce your maintenance, fuel and downtime costs.

You can select your specific bucket edges from the following styles:

Universal bolt on bucket edges
General CAT loader and backhoe edges
Dozer edges and end bits
Weldon single bevel edges
Weldon loader or excavator base edges

We have a very simple pledge to you:

Coming from a farming background, we truly believe that your word is your bond

That’s why HCEPARTS stands behind our Australian made custom cutting edges with complete confidence

Our cutting edges are guaranteed to last at least TWICE as long as any other genuine cutting edges you currently use

As sure as the day is long, if for whatever reason you don’t find your new HCEPARTS cutting edges to be the complete package – Staying sharper for longer, reducing the wear and tear on your machinery, making your life easier, all while saving you time and money…

Then all you have to do is pick up the phone and call and give me a call.

You will be sent a second set of HCEPARTS cutting edges absolutely free.

There is NO RISK AT ALL to you.

Excavator Track Bottom Roller For Cat 303.5C Cr

MINI EXCAVATOR Track Roller For Cat 303.5C Cr

D20 Double Flange Bulldozer Track Rollers

750 John Deere Bulldozer Level Cut End Bits T49156

4T3037, 6D4201 Steel Alloy Flat Grader Blades

7T-3493, 7T3493 Caterpillar Motor Grader Flat Cutting Edges

302.5 Caterpillar BOTTOM TRACK ROLLER 185-7280

John Deere Centre Cutting Edge U16748

4T2234, 4T-2234 Caterpillar style Grader Blades