Complete Range of Ground Engaging Tools for All Types of Equipment

Quality steel with special hardness, flexibility and wear resistance.

Teeth, adapters, cutting edges, end bits, ripper shanks, protectors, and much more.

The steel used in the production of our wear protection material provides a special combination of hardness, flexibility and wear resistance.

A comprehensive range is available to suit:












John Deere



Complete Range of Ground Engaging Tools for All Types of Equipment

Complete Range of Ground Engaging Tools for All Types of Equipment

Our ground engaging tools are the results of extensive research and design to provide excellent performance. The careful selection of the right steels, properly heat treated to ensure the best overall performance and balance between hardness and durability. GET products benefit from the latest technological improvements, manufactured with state-of-the-art production processes to the highest quality standards. We offers a vast range of solutions to extend loader and excavator bucket life. The range includes both OEM interchangeable solutions and all-purpose systems available for any kind of bucket. Protection parts have been conceived and engineered to assure the best flexibility and ductility during welding.

Using the right tool for the job is vital to ensuring maximum productivity. If you use poor quality Ground Engaging Tools (GET), it can have a significant impact on efficiency and your total costs, which is why we are here to support you when selecting the optimum system for your machine.

Our GET is designed to provide better penetration and reduce stress on your machine. Simply get in touch, today to talk through your requirements.

144-70-11190 Replacement Komatsu Aftermarket D53 Dozer End Bit

Komatsu style Moldboard End Edge 234-70-32230

232-70-12160 Komatsu Motor Grader End Bit Overlay

Replaceable Komatsu Motorgrader Overlay 232-70-52190

232-70-12150 Komatsu Motor Grader Overlay Blade

Komatsu style Bolt On Bit End 144-70-11190

Komatsu Motorgrader Bit End Cutting Edge 234-70-32230