China Ningbo GET Parts Supplier

We are a GET spare parts supplier from Ningbo China with a long history. The main products are bucket teeth, adapter, edges, pin, tread, ripper and fastener etc.
The production capacity is 1000 tons per month, the production method is lost wax casting and shells.
We have over 3,000 items in our inventory and can directly replace parts for most heavy equipment.
In addition, we have a research and development department that allows us to manufacture custom products.

Advantage of our products:

– Increased productivity

– Increased security

– Higher reliability and less downtime

– Workflow optimization

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109-00034 BUSHING
K1006515B PIN
2123-2342A PIN
K1010021 PIN
110-00112 BUSHING
DS7752074 SHIM
2123-1988 PIN
2110-1004 BUSHING
4123-2366 PIN
123-00453 PIN
2123-2477 PIN
2110-1328A BUSHING
2110-1232A BUSHING
2123-1723A PIN
2123-1913 PIN
2123-2252 PIN
2123-2017A PIN
2123-2187C PIN
2123-1979A PIN
2110-1250 BUSHING
DS7752033 SHIM
DS7701391 SHIM
K1012115A PIN
21232184 PIN
2123-2441 PIN
2110-1397A BUSHING
2114-1059D115 SHIM
2123-2220C PIN
4110-1407 BUSHING
2123-4192 PIN
K1007257 PIN
2110-1027D17 BUSHING
2123-1963C PIN
DS7752051 SHIM
2110-1442 BUSHING
K1005780 SPACER
K1002687 PIN
2180-1106D15 SEAL DUST
2114-1059D237 SHIM
203-70-70240 PIN
2114-1058D40 SHIM
110-00249 BUSHING
DS7701438 SHIM
2110-1332 BUSHING
2110-1223 BUSHING
2110-1315 BUSHING
2114-1059D239 SHIM
2123-2029C PIN
2123-1977B PIN
K1011056 PIN
2110-1315A BUSHING
2180-1106AD4 SEAL AS
4110-1417 SPACER
4110-4017 BUSHING
2123-2443 PIN
2123-2270A PIN
2110-1222B BUSHING
2123-2344A PIN
41232422B PIN
41232456 PIN
2123-1813 PIN
2110-1313A BUSHING
123-00394 PIN
2123-1956C PIN
2123-1730A PIN
2114-1059D135 SHIM
4123-4089 PIN
2123-2311 PIN
123-00057 PIN
110-00245 BUSHING
4123-2369A PIN
2114-1059D114 SHIM
2180-1106 SEAL DUST
123-00133B PIN
110-00071A BUSHING
K1000157 PIN
DS7752069 SHIM
110-00205 BUSHING
2123-2145 PIN
2123-2187B PIN
110-00189 BUSHING
DS7752022 SHIM
4114-4115 SPACER
4110-1338 BUSHING
K1012381 BUSHING
123-00136A PIN
2180-1106D4 SEAL AS
41232402B PIN
K1000737 BUSHING
4114-1819A BUSHING
41101409 BUSHING
41232465 PIN
4123-2405B PIN
2110-1367B BUSHING
2110-1212A BUSHING
2114-1058D12 SHIM
DS7701364 SHIM
2123-2058 PIN
2123-2184 PIN
4123-2067A PIN

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