Caterpillar style Wear Strip

In a Motor Grader, to sustain wear and to facilitate compensating adjustments, a pair of replaceable wear strips are situated in each slot between the bracket and rail. Those wear strips save you money and make it easy to maintain factory tightness of components for better grading results!

As HCEPARTS, we continue to produce bronze wear strip for cat motor graders.

Our bronze wear strips are a high quality part made to OEM standards. Our company, which manufactures long-lasting and high quality bronze wear strip, always prioritizes production planning in order to meet your demands as soon as possible and always maintains its production line with reasonable prices and high quality. Adopting the slogan of 100% customer satisfaction, our company is at the service of our customers with world-class manufacturing.

Caterpillar style Wear Strip

Caterpillar style Wear Strip

Part Numbers : 6G4524, 6G4525, 6G4372, 5T8365, 5T8366, 5T8367, 446-1523, 5T2925, 178-1685, 276-1317, 276-1318, 276-1319, 253-4627, 117-2244, 5D0134, 3026338, 3086303, 1289654, 3026331, 3026338, 8W1749, 265-6722, 243-6652

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1140453 Caterpillar Sharp Limestone Ripper Tip

1073300, 1071300, 1U3302F Caterpillar Flare Tooth

9W8365 Cater-pillar Style Protector Ripper

Caterpillar style Ripper Shank Nose 9U9694

Caterpillar style Ripper Shank Adapter for Motor Grader 4T8315

1038115 Ripper Shank Adapter Caterpillar

Caterpillar style Ripper Shank Adapter 1U3630

1324720 Caterpillar Unitooth Replacement GET Parts

1358203 Universal Tooth Caterpillar Standard System

Caterpillar style Heavy Duty Abrasion Teeth 6I6603

4T2914 Bolt-On Loader End Cutting Edge Caterpillar

9W2451 Tip-Ripper Fits Caterpillar D7, D8K, D9H

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