Caterpillar Komatsu VOLVO Teeth, Adapters, Side Cutters
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Caterpillar Komatsu VOLVO Teeth, Adapters, Side Cutters

Caterpillar Komatsu VOLVO Teeth, Adapters, Side Cutters

Loader 8J2936
Loader 953 4T6699 segment
Loader / grader 9J6586 ripper shank
Loader 6Y5230 scarifier tooth
Loader 2D5572 scarifier tooth
Loader 4J8665 router bit / 5 bolt
Loader 953 4T6699 segment
Loader 953 4T6695 segment
J600 6I6604 center weld on adapter
J600 6I6602 tooth 6I6608 6I6609
J600 6I6602RC rock chisel 6I6608 6I6609
J600 7Y0602 HD tooth 6I6608 6I6609
J600 6I6603RP / 6I6603RPHD rock penetrator tooth 6I6608 6I6609
R500 4T5503 ripper tooth 6Y3909 4T4707
J550 9N4552 tooth 1U1558 8E5559
J450 9W1453RP rock penetrator tooth 1U1458 8E6359
J450 9W8452SYL syl tooth 1U1458 / 8E0468 8E6359 / 8E8469
J450 9N4452 tooth 1U1458 / 8E0468 8E6359 / 8E8469
J450 9W8459 rock penetrator tooth 1U1458 / 8E0468 8E6359 / 8E8469
J450 9W8451 tooth 1U1458 / 8E0468 8E6359 / 8E8469
J400 8E4402 tooth 7T3408 8E8409
J350 9N4352 tooth 9J2358 8E6359
J350 9N4353 abrasion tooth 9J2358 8E6359
J350 3G5358-42 LH corner adapter
J350 3G5359-42 RH coner adapter
R350 6Y0352 ripper tooth 9J2358 1U2405
J200 6Y6335 / 135-8203 unitooth BO
J300 4T2303RP rock penetration tooth 9J2308 8E6259
J300 1U3302TL tiger tooth 9J2308 8E6259
J300 9N4302 / 125-8302 HD tooth 9J2308 8E6259
J300 9J4309 rock penetration tooth 9J2308 8E6259
J300 1U3302RE rock chisel tooth 9J2308 8E6259
J250/930 1U1254 flush mount adapter
J250 9N4252 tooth 9J2258 8E6259
J250 6I9250 LH corner adapter
J250 6I9251 RH coner adapter
J250 1U1857 unitooth  BO
J200 1U3202 tooth 9W7112 8E6209
J200 1U3202WTL twin tiger tooth 9W7112 8E6209
EX70 4T5502 / 3G6502 ripper tooth 6Y3909 4T4707
EX70 / R500 4T5502 / 3G6502 ripper tooth 6Y3909 4T4707
D85 D85CT
D7 D8 / R450 9W2451 / T6J8812 ripper tooth 4T2479 / 6Y3394 8E4743
352 / J350 4T2353RP rock penetrator tooth 9J2358 8E6359
345 / J550 9W8552 / 1U3552 long tooth
345 / J550 6I6554 C adapter
345 WQKT345 tooth
345 / J550 9W8552SYL / DOOSAN: 2713-9040SYL syl tooth 1U1558 8E5559
330 / J450 1U3452RC / 9W8452RC
330 / J450 9F5124 scarifier shank
330 / J450 9W8452 1U3452
330 / J450 6I6464 / 159-0464 center weld on adapter
330 / J450 8E0464 center weld on adapter
330 / J450 1U3452RC / 9W8452RC rock chisel tooth 1U1458 / 8E0468 8E6359 / 8E8469
330 / J450 WQKT330 tiger point tooth 1U1458 / 8E0468 8E6359 / 8E8469
330 / J450 1U3452TL/ 9W8452TL tiger tooth 1U1458 / 8E0468 8E6359 / 8E8469
330 / J450 1U3452WTL / 9W8452WTL / 138-6458 twin tiger tooth
325 / J400 7T3402TL
325 / J400 7T3402 tooth 7T3408 8E8409
325 / J400 7T3402 tooth
325 / J400 7T3402RC rock chisel tooth
325 / J400 6I6404 adapter
325 / J400 6I6404 / 7T3404 center weld on adapter
320 / J350 6I6354 center weld on adapter
320 / J350 1U3352TL
320 / J350 1U3352SYL
320 / J350 3G8354 adapter
320 / J350 1U3352 tooth 9J2358 8E6359
320 / J350 1U3352RC
320 / R350 6Y0359 ripper tooth 9J2358 8E6359
320 / J350 1U1354 flush mount adapter
320 / J350 1U3352RC 9J2358 8E6359
320 / J350 1U3352WTL 9J2358 8E6359
320 / J350 1U3552TL 9J2358 8E6359
320 / J350 1U3352RE 9J2358 8E6359
312 / R300 6Y0309 ripper tooth 9J2308 8E6259
312 / J300 3G6304 adapter
312 / J225 6Y3222 long tooth
307 / J250 1U3252 dirt tooth 9J2258 8E6259
307 / J250 6Y3254 center weld on adapter
J250 1U0257 bolt on adapter 30.5mm
J250 3G4259 RH coner adapter
200B / J300 1U3302 dirt tooth 9J2308 8E6259
200 / J300 8J7525 weld on adapter
J300 1U1304 (4T1304) flush mount adapter
J550 138-6552 HD penetrator tooth 1U1558 8E5559
J550 159-0559 penetrator plus tooth 1U1558 8E5559
J460 138-6451 HD penetrator tooth 8E0468 8E8469
J460 159-0459 / 9W8452 tooth 8E0468 8E8469
R450 4T5452 / 3G5452 / 8E5771 ripper tooth 6Y3394 8E5559
J400 135-9400 tooth 7T3408 8E8409
J350 144-1358 heavy duty tooth 9J2358 8E6359
J350 9J4359 rock penetrator tooth 9J2358 8E6359
J300 8E9490 weld on adapter
J400 7T3403 abrasion tooth 7T3408 8E8409
J400 6I6404 weld on adapter
3G4285 end bit
J550 168-1359 penetrator plus tooth 9J2358 8E6359
J600 135-9600 penetrator tooth 6I6608 6I6609
J250 1U3252SYL SYL tooth 9J2258 8E6259
924G 8E4569 loader segment
953 / 963 4T6694 loader segment
J550 1U3552RP
950E 8E1637 / 1U1867 bolt on tooth
J250 4T2253RP 9J2258 8E6259
J700 4T4703RP 9U9616 4T4707
7J3023 router bit for scraper
R500 4T4503 ripper tooth 6Y3909 4T4707
J200 8E2184 bolt on adapter
R450 4T4453 ripper tooth 6Y3394 8E5559
Part No Description Machine type
20X-70-14160 Standard teeth Komatsu  PC60
PC60RC Rock   teeth Komatsu  PC60
XS60Z (20mm) Teeth  adapter Komatsu  PC60
201-70-74171L Side  cutter Komatsu  PC60
201-70-74171R Side  cutter Komatsu  PC60
202-70-12130 Standard teeth Komatsu PC100
PC100RC Rock  teeth Komatsu PC100
PC100Z(25mm) Teeth adapter Komatsu PC100
PC100L/R Side cutter Komatsu PC100
205-70-19570B Standard teeth Komatsu PC200
19570RC Rock teeth Komatsu PC200
LK200TS Rock teeth Komatsu PC200
PC200H-2 Rock teeth Komatsu PC200
20Y-70-14520 Teeth adapter Komatsu PC200
205-939-7120 Teeth adapter Komatsu PC200
205-70-74180/90 Side cutter Komatsu PC200
207-939-14151 Standard teeth Komatsu PC300
207-70-14151RC Rock teeth Komatsu PC300
207-939-5120 Teeth adapter Komatsu PC300
207-70-34160/70 Side  cutter Komatsu PC300
208-70-14270 Rock  teeth Komatsu PC400
14152RC Rock  teeth Komatsu PC400
205-939-3120(50) Teeth  adapter Komatsu PC400
423-70-13114 Centre  teeth Komatsu PC380
423-54/64 Side  cutter Komatsu PC380
209-70-54210RC Rock  teeth Komatsu PC650
209-70-74140 Teeth  adapter Komatsu PC650
XS115 Tiger  teeth Komatsu PC1200
Machine Type PART #
SE220 1070-61450
MX14,SE350LC-2SE450 1071-00620
EC140,MX135WS 1171-00470
EC210,MX225,B101 1171-00031
EC290,MX225/295,EC240 1171-01620
EC260,EC360,MX352 1171-01900
Teeth And Adapter
Machine Type PART #
Side Cutters
Machine Type Part#
MX3W 1070-23190
SE210,SE280 EC140RH
EC210,EC240 1171-00171
MX255,MX290,EC290 1171-01170

3001127 Liebherr Excavator Loader R904 Teeth System

13F-Z27-1572 Bulldozer Level Cut End Bit

8E5359 RH Wheel-Type Loader Adapter 966G 966G II 972G 972G II

109-9212 Front End Loader Cutting Edge

7J1791 Ripper And Scarifier Shank Adapter 8E8418


John Deere Bulldozer Replacement Cutting Edges T32742