CAT style J450 Two Strap Center Adapters 8E6464, 159-0464, 6I6464

Bucket Teeth: 1U3452/9W8452/1U3452RC/9W8452RC
Pin: 8E0468/1140468
Retainer: 8E8469
Gap size: 50 mm 55mm 60mm

We can provide both 8E6464 and 6I6464, they are just a little different in the outer shape but same dimension in the gap size. So they are alternative. It depends on which part number you need.

CAT style J450 Two Strap Center Adapters 8E6464, 159-0464, 6I6464

CAT style J450 Two Strap Center Adapters 8E6464, 159-0464, 6I6464

Bucket Teeth are a kind of commonly used accessories on loader,excavator which is mainly installed on the bucket. According to different installation positions, it can be divided into side teeth and middle teeth.

Generally the bucket teeth are made of hard-wearing alloy. Excavator & Loader teethh is used to protect bucket from wear during work. it is a common wearing parts, and needed to be replaced in time according to wear.

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A:All of our products are produced strict with ISO standard,you needn’t worry about it.Certainly,if your loader parts wear out,we can provide suitable parts for you.

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