Casting Process Of Bulldozer Spare Parts

Due to the increasing requirements for casting quality, Bulldozer Spare Parts casting accuracy, casting cost, and casting automation, casting technology is developing in the direction of precision,Bulldozer Spare Parts large-scale, high-quality, automation, and cleanliness.

Casting Process Of Bulldozer Spare Parts

Casting Process Of Bulldozer Spare Parts

Casting technology, special casting technology,Bulldozer Spare Parts casting automation and casting molding simulation technology are developing rapidly. The main casting process includes: metal smelting, model manufacturing, pouring solidification and demolding cleaning. The main materials used for casting are cast steel,Bulldozer Spare Parts cast iron, cast non-ferrous alloys (copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, etc.).

The casting process can be divided into gravity casting,Bulldozer Spare Parts pressure casting and sand casting. The commonly used casting method is sand casting, followed by special casting methods, Bulldozer Spare Parts such as: metal casting, investment casting, plaster casting, etc. Sand casting can be divided into clay sand casting,Bulldozer Spare Parts organic binder sand casting, resin self-setting sand casting, lost foam casting and so on.

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