The bucket teeth of the excavator are the key parts of the excavator. On the one hand, the bucket teeth, as the pioneer of the bucket, lay the foundation for the excavator to shovel the earth and dig ditches.Bucket teeth, as one of many vulnerable parts of excavators, play a role similar to human teeth. The more common bucket teeth in the market can be divided into rock teeth (for iron ore, stone, etc.), earthwork teeth (for digging soil, sand, etc.), and conical teeth (for coal mine) if classified according to the applicable scope of bucket teeth.



(1) sand casting: sand casting bucket teeth need the lowest cost, so the price is the cheapest of all the process bucket teeth, but relative to forging and precision casting, the production process level and quality is the lowest.

(2) precision casting: comprehensive price, quality, sales and reputation, and many other elements, precision casting process bucket teeth are the mainstream sales in the market, although the requirements for the cost of the process is moderate, but the requirements for raw materials are very demanding, the production process level is also high.

(3) forging and pressing casting: the cost of this production process is the highest of the three processes, so the sales price is also the most expensive, but to ensure that the forging and casting industry level and quality of the bucket teeth is also the best!

Why some bucket teeth used for a longer time, and some use for a shorter time.The use scope of bucket tooth is different, corresponding brand also is different, but the criterion that follows when choose and buy basically is similar little different.This causes the length of use.

If the dredger is raised to do the earthwork, the frequency of replacing the bucket tooth every year and the demand is relatively small, so it is recommended that we choose forging and pressing casting bucket tooth, although the price is much higher, but the service life, production technology and quality are the best.

If the number of bucket teeth requirements are large, then the requirements bucket teeth cost performance is relatively high, then precision casting bucket teeth from the price, quality, cost performance and wear resistance performance is very good.

Super V Rock Bucket Tooth V51RL

V51SYL V59SYL V61SYL Bucket Tip Tooth Point for Excavator

Super V  Dirt Bucket Tooth V39SYL

V71SD  Rock Chisel Bucket Teeth

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