Bulldozer Fault Diagnosis Method

Fault diagnosis method: When the bulldozer has a fault that cannot walk,Bulldozer Spare Parts whether it is in a warm or cold state, you should first control the engine throttle to operate at medium and high speeds, Bulldozer Spare Parts and then remove the left foot pedal in the cab , Observe whether the output shaft of the torque converter is rolling.


Bulldozer Fault Diagnosis Method

Bulldozer Fault Diagnosis Method

If it is rolling,Bulldozer Spare Parts check whether the output shaft is still rolling after gear is engaged; if there is no rolling, it means that the fault comes from the torque converter, such as the torque converter lacks oil,Bulldozer Spare Parts etc.; if the output shaft can roll before and after gear, it is confirmed that the torque converter The device has no end obstacles,Bulldozer Spare Parts and the fault may be in the transmission, steering clutch, brake, etc.

In addition, if you want to distinguish the fault of the oil system and the mechanical department,Bulldozer Spare Parts you can loosen the exhaust screw on the variable speed filter to see if there is air. If there is air,Bulldozer Spare Parts it is likely that the intake part is thick on the oil suction day. Between the filters,Bulldozer Spare Parts because this section of the oil path is shared by the transmission and steering; on the contrary, if there is no air,Bulldozer Spare Parts the problem is likely to lie in the transmission, steering clutch or brake.

Fault diagnosis that bulldozer can’t walk

First, the failure phenomenon:

There are two states in which the bulldozer cannot travel without a fault:

1. A chilly Dozer cannot walk. It usually means the chilly car starts the motor and runs at moderate speed. Then it’s geared as well as the bulldozer can not begin instantly.

2. The heat engine can not walk. It usually means that the bulldozer grows increasingly more feeble as the oil temperature climbs during ordinary bulldozing, and it isn’t easy to walk without loading.

Second, the fault diagnosis method:

After the Bulldozer is not able to travel, while it’s in the cold or at the hot condition, the motor throttle ought to be controlled at moderate and higher speed, then the left foot pedal at the taxi ought to be disassembled to see if the output of the torque converter is rotating. Should you flip, examine the output after the equipment is still rotating. At precisely the exact same time, you ought to pay attention to if the noise of the motor, the torque converter as well as the transmission switch prior to and after the equipment.

So as to differentiate whether the petroleum process is faulty or automatically faulty, you are able to loosen the exhaust twist on the varying rate filter to find out whether there’s air. When there’s the atmosphere and it isn’t exhausted, it usually means that the very low-pressure oil passage is involving the suction port and the variable rate pump. When there’s air, it’s demonstrated that the ingestion part is involving the petroleum suction day along with the strainer. It’s common for steering and shifting.

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