Bulldozer Blade Type

Dozer Moldboards have Four stypes.

Angle blade

Angle Dozers work best handling broken and granular materials, soils and gravel. The moldboard pivots about it’s center point to cast materials left or right. Ideal for making windrows, digging drainage ditches, backfilling trenches grading roads. This is a good all purpose blade, especially when equipped with Tilt Cylinders.

Straight blade

Straight Blades can be made very strong, abrasion resistant and puncture resistant for moving large, sharp and abrasive objects. They are not well suited to handling granular materials since these materials spill off the ends during long pushes.
Straight Dozers are able to Tilt when equipped with one Tilt Cylinder and Tilt and Tip when equipped with two.

Semi-U blade

Built much like a Straight Blade but with a deeper profile and closed ends to help keep granular materials in front for long pushes. Semi-U Blades can be built with good abrasion resistance for materials like gravel, and with puncture resistance for handling large angular pieces of rock.

Semi-U Blades are able to Tilt when equipped with one Tilt Cylinder and Tilt and Tip when equipped with two.

U blade

These blades are designed to push large quantities of granular materials over long distances. They are best suited for loose loads; coal, woodchips, and overburden, which are evenly distributed across the face of the moldboard. They are not well suited to handling large angular objects such as blast rock.

U-Blades are able to Tilt when equipped with one Tilt Cylinder and Tilt and Tip when equipped with two.

2123-2253A PIN
03B205-1 BUSHING
2123-2136 PIN
DS7752054 SHIM
K1026559 PIN
2180-1106B13 SEAL
2114-1059D122 SHIM
2123-2153E PIN
21232204B PIN
123-00039A PIN
K1005230 PIN
2123-2263C PIN
K1000736 BUSHING
2123-2052 PIN
110-00011 BUSHING
K1002610B PIN
2114-1059D54 SHIM
2180-1106BD12 SEAL AS
DS7752039 SHIM
K1006675 BUSHING
41234112 PIN
1.110-00068 BUSHING
2123-4061 PIN
2123-2223B PIN
03A476-1 BUSHING
123-00119A PIN
2123-2263A PIN
2123-1935A PIN
2123-2206B PIN
2123-2153B PIN
K1002557 BUSHING
4123-2402B PIN
41232305 PIN
K1000447 PIN
2123-2193 PIN
2123-2269 PIN
123-00055 PIN
2123-2046G PIN
2110-1236B BUSHING
91107015 BUSHING
2110-1402 BUSHING
4123-2362A PIN
4110-1380A BUSHING
123-00124A PIN
2123-2211A PIN
2123-2268 PIN
112-00091 SHAFT AS
2110-1240 BUSHING
4123-2401 PIN
2110-1211 BUSHING
2123-2036 PIN
2123-4062A PIN
K1000925 BUSHING
K1014361 PIN
4110-1335 BUSHING
4123-2197 PIN
2180-1106BD6 SEAL DUST
60U235-1 BUSHING
K1000912A SPACER
2180-1106DA14 SEAL AS
2110-1233 BUSHING
110-00241 BUSHING
00B111-1 BUSHING
2123-4054 PIN
2180-1106D21 SEAL DUST
2123-2018 PIN
41232405 PIN
2123-2010 PIN
K1015759B PIN
K1000204 PIN
2123-1149 PIN
DS7701431 SHIM
03B671-2 BUSHING
2123-1413 PIN
2123-2018A PIN
123-00145A PIN
123-00033 PIN
K1015760A PIN
2110-1353B BUSHING
41232408B PIN
4109-9076 BUSHING

John Deere Bulldozer Blades T120979 China Factory

Steps to Replace Grader & Bulldozer Blades

Where to Find the Right Bulldozer Blades

4T3043 Caterpillar Equipment Bulldozer Blade Level Cut, RH

Excavator Bulldozer Blades Cutting Edges 4T-2993, 4T2993

195-71-61940 / 195-71-61930 Earthmoving Bulldozer Blades

Bulldozer Blade Cutting Edge Fits Caterpillar D8 9W4396

D8 Caterpillar Bulldozer Blade 1U4943

D8 Caterpillar Bulldozer Blade EDGE 4T6531