Bucket Wear Protection System for Excavator and Loader

Bucket Teeth

Bucket teeth are used to break ground when digging. The teeth are replaceable and take the brunt of the punishment when digging, this allows your bucket to last longer while still maintaining excellent performance by simply replacing the teeth. Teeth come in many styles for different uses and are what is usually thought of when talking about Excavator GET. Discuss your application with your dealer or a Kerfab team member to find out what your application requires.

Bucket Side Cutters

Like bucket teeth, side cutters are important when digging in high impact or abrasive environments. The side cutters reduce damage to the buckets frame and allow the bucket to pass through the earth more efficiently. They can also be unbolted and replaced easily. Side Cutters are some of the most popular Excavator GET components.

Bucket Wear Protection System for Excavator and Loader

Bucket Wear Protection System for Excavator and Loader

Wing Shrouds

Some of the heavier duty buckets come with wing shrouds as standard. These components cover most of the length of the sidebars with hardened steel. Wing shrouds are ideal for countering abrasion and impact.

Heel Blocks

Heel Blocks are seen on all Extreme Duty and some Heavy Duty buckets. Made from 500 Brinell hardened steel, they are vital to protecting the edges and corners of buckets when digging in high impact and high abrasion environments.

Bolt-on Cutting Edges

Bolt-on cutting edges are used on buckets that won’t typically be digging in high impact environments like Mud Buckets and Screed Batter Buckets. The straight edge is useful when pulling batters or for more delicate work. Like bucket teeth, bolt-on edges can be replaced by simply removing the old edge and bolting on a new one.

Bucket Lip

A heavy-duty lip connects the bucket shell to the teeth or BOCE and is engineered for maximum yield strength. The lip is extended and reinforced with weld for better side wear protection and the ability to withstand constant fatigue loading, thus extending the life of the bucket.

Lip Shrouds

Lip Shrouds protect the lip on more durable buckets and aren’t usually required on General Duty buckets. Weld-on lip shrouds are 500 Brinell segments which are positioned between the adapters to prevent scalloping and premature failure of the lip in rock digging applications.

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