Bucket Tooth is an essential mechanical part in various industries, and the tooth bucket machine is an important link in the machine tool processing industry.After careful observation, it can be clearly found that the product development and demand of bucket tooth machine tools have undergone great changes in recent years.

1. The advent of advanced bucket tooth machine tool

Before, the domestic machine tool manufacturing enterprises in technology is relatively backward, generally lack of independent innovation ability and key, core technology support, in the quality of machine tool stability, reliability, durability compared with foreign advanced products have an obvious gap.Under the condition that productivity level improves ceaselessly, a large number of new bucket tooth machine tools appear on the market day by day, this is to the improvement of processing efficiency to have direct drive effect.



2.Exports are growing

As a new phenomenon, a large number of domestic bucket gear machine tool products began to transfer to the overseas market, the annual export volume has maintained a fairly high growth rate.And the main export countries are concentrated in Malaysia, the Netherlands and South Korea, which is also one of the domestic strengths.

3. High-end gap still exists

Although the domestic bucket tooth supply demand has been met to a certain extent, but high-end products still need to be imported to meet, so there are certain limitations.

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