Bucket Teeth Applicable Earthmoving Equipment

Brand Machine Model Part No.
KOMATSU PC60, PC100, PC200, PC300, PC400, etc. 205-70-19570RC, 207-70-14151TL, 208-70-14152RC, etc.
CAT330, etc.
IU3352RC, 7T3402TL, IU3452RC, etc.
HYUNDAI R200, R225, R290, etc. E161-3027RC, 61N6-31310RC, 61N8-31310RC, ect.
VOLVO VOLVO210, VOLVO360, etc. 14530544RC, T55RC, V360TL, etc.
DAEWOO/DOOSAN DH220, DH300, DH360, etc. 2713-1217RC, 2713-1219TL, 2713- 00032RC, etc.
Other Brands As Customer’s Requirement

HCEPARTS CAST forged bucket teeth are produced from steel billets through innovative forging process. By utilizing forging machine to produce extreme pressure along with high temperature to extrude and form, grain flow of steel is optimized to provide enhanced mechanical properties. After being forged, the bucket teeth are characterized by high impact strength, better wear resistance and longer service life.

Chrome-moly alloy steel is used as raw material, which is cut to size and heated in electric induction heating unit to 1100°C. Electric heating provides product with higher quality than that by gas heating. Following forging process, secondary heat treating needs to be carried out.

Bucket Teeth Earthmoving Equipment
Bucket Teeth Earthmoving Equipment Bucket Teeth And Adapters  Cat 9J1110 / 4T3428 30mm Scraper BladeBucket Teeth And Adapters  4T3429 / 4T-3429 Cat Scraper 633 Blade


4T3428 / 140-6764 Scraper Centre Blades

Cat 7J3022 / 4T3429 30mm Scraper Side Blade

CAT Style Scraper Edge 4T2942, 5J6847