As HCEPARTS, we continue to produce bronze bushings. Bronze bushing is a durable material used in many industries. Bronze bushings, which have a long service life, are resistant to corrosion and chemical interaction. Machining of bushings produced with centrifugal casting technique is carried out in our company.

Bronze bushing is used in many sectors such as machinery, spare parts, machine tools, chemical industry, defense, hydraulics, automotive, glass, textile, ships, elevators, health and food.

Our company, which manufactures long-lasting and high quality bronze bushings, always prioritizes production planning in order to meet your demands as soon as possible and always maintains its production line with reasonable prices and high quality. Adopting the slogan of 100% customer satisfaction, our company is at the service of our customers with world-class manufacturing. You can contact our company to get information about bronze bushing prices.

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Bronze Bushing

Bronze sleeve bushings or bronze bearings are hard and strong, as opposed to brass bushings, which are softer and more easily deform. Thus, bronze bushings have longer lifespans than brass bushing sleeves. They resist shock and impact, wear and corrosion.

They require an external lubricant, for example grease or oil, at installation and during operation to reduce friction and wear.

They are more often used in low-speed, high-load and severe-duty industrial applications and machinery for iron and steel manufacturing, food processing, injection molding, automotive machines, earth moving machinery, pumps and other industries.

Two common bronze bushing materials and their uses include:

Oilite: Oil impregnated bronze bushings formed using powder metallurgy. Applications depend on the type of oil used and may accommodate high and low speed machinery, high and low temperature machinery, and food-grade applications.
Copper: Most often an alloy of bronze with tin, aluminum or silicon, these alloys have high corrosive resistance, making them ideal for marine applications.
Popular designs include bronze alloy graphite oil-less bushings, flanged bronze bushings and sintered bronze bushings.