Benefits of proper use of bucket teeth

Bucket teeth is a basic part of excavator equipment, and it is very easy to wear out. It is composed of tooth base and tooth tip, and the tooth tip is very easy to lose. Therefore, in order to ensure better application effect, in addition to reasonable screening, reasonable daily use and protection is very important.Here, we may wish to give a brief introduction to the reasonable use of bucket teeth:

Benefits of proper use of bucket teeth

Ensure that the root and the tooth tip connection is tight, due to casting and wear and other reasons, sometimes the tooth tip and the root is not very close, after installation, the tooth tip appears shaking phenomenon, in this case, should be root and tooth connection surface small area push welding, grinding flat after installation, so as to solve the problem of tooth loss

1. Force analysis

In order to better find out the reason of bucket tooth failure, it may be achieved through the analysis of its stress situation.To know, under different working conditions, bucket teeth produced by the wear and impact is quite different.

2. Hardness test

The maintenance of bucket teeth is also very important, before and after the construction can be taken samples, and then carry out hardness test, then you can get reliable data.

3. Wash regularly

In order to ensure the permanent performance of bucket teeth, need to be maintained through regular cleaning.

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