Application and Machine Model For Choosing the Right Teeth

Application and machine model: everything there is to know about choosing the right teeth
Teeth can be categorized by application, which means the type of terrain in which the wearing elements will be used, and the type of machine on which they will be installed. They can thus be divided up into:

Teeth for lighter or heavier application

Excavator teeth

Loader teeth

Tooth profiles according to application

As regards application, the product characteristics that have to be considered to establish whether they are appropriate for the terrain include:

Hardness and wear resistance

Impact resistance and durability over time

Penetration capacity and sharpness resilience

In general, the higher the terrain class, the greater the required product wear resistance. La terrain class increases in relation to both particle size and density. The first case requires greater impact resistance, while the second requires greater penetration capacity.

Furthermore, the higher the material density and specific weight, like for example rock or high water content terrain, the greater the importance of bucket capacity. This has to be limited to avoid overloading the machine and creating situations that could be dangerous for operators.

Download a summery table here showing the main terrain characteristics and the most suitable products in each case

Loader Bucket Teeth Adapter 1U1354

Replacement Bucket Teeth Adapter Caterpillar E325

209-70-74140 Excavator Bucket Teeth Adapter for Komatsu Equipment

6Y3222 Caterpillar Standard Bucket Teeth

Bolts and Nuts for Bucket Teeth and Adapters

7T3402PT Penetration Bucket Teeth

Cat J Loader Teeth Adapter Flat Type

J350 Excavator Bucket Teeth Adapter w/ 1U3352F 3G8354HD

Left Hand Excavator Bucket Teeth Adapter Adco 410LH

Komatsu Bucket Teeth Adapter PC200-3