550HB-650HB Wear resistant plate, Wear Resistant Plate, Hard Chromium Carbide Hardfaced Plate, Chrome Carbide Overlay (CCO), Wear Liners and Overlay Plate, Hard Rock Transport

The wear resistant steel with hardness of 550HB-650 HB widely used in delivery condition.
Applications: Heavy earth moving and loading machinery and especially buckets, cutting edges, knives and breakers.

550HB-650HB Wear resistant plate

550HB-650HB Wear resistant plate

Item Specifications
Chemical Composition C 3%~5%, Cr 24%~45%, Mn1%~1.5%
Plate Size 1500*3400, 1410*2880, 2000*3000, 1400*3400, 2500*4000, 4400*1400
Base Plate SS400/A36/S37
Hardness HRC≥55 & HRA≥78 & HB≥578
Thickness 8+6,10+6,10+15,12+17,30+25.etc
Surface Treatment Hardfacing
Technique Submerged arc welding and open arc welding

Cross Section of COO Wear Plate

Cross Section of COO Wear Plate

Advantage of Wear Resistant Plate
1,Prolong the service life of equipment, improve equipment utilization

High quality materials to ensure high service life of equipment, need not frequent production maintenance.

2, Increase production, improve quality

Avoid frequent starts for equipment that quality isn’t good, ensure equipment in good condition leading to high yields.

3,Reduce the labor intensity of workers, more secure

No frequent replacement of liner components, workers don’t have to deal with can occur at accident.

4,Improve equipment production efficiency, improve business efficiency

High utilization of equipment means high production efficiency and thereby the enterprise accrues economic


5,Wear-resisting life under the same operating conditions for Hardox400 board more than three times.

Specification details.

The Wear Plate Used for Tough Condition. Example Various kinds Bucket Repair,Excavator Bucket Repair, Grab Bucket Repair, Wheel Bucket Repair, Scraper bucket Repair.Prolong Service Life 3-5 Times, Cut Downtime, Lower Maintenance Cost and Labor Cost.

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