5 motor grader maintenance tips you need to use

Looking for motor grader maintenance tips? From replacing the blade to monitoring the tyre pressure, there are plenty of ways you can keep your motor grader in top condition. Not only will you be optimising your machine’s performance, but you’ll also be reducing the expenses associated with malfunctioning machines.

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1. Check the blade
The blade is a vital aspect of any motor grader. For optimum performance, the blade needs to operate accurately. The blade makes direct contact with the soil, so you’ll need to ensure that its cutting edge is in good condition. The blades work hard, which means that they face high levels of wear and tear.

Motor grader maintenance for blades | Truck & Trailer

5 motor grader maintenance tips

5 motor grader maintenance tips

It’s essential to check the blades frequently and to replace them when they’re worn down. In some cases, you’ll need to check the blades daily or the following 25 to 50 operation hours. A badly maintained blade decreases the quality of the motor grader’s work, but it also can result in damage to the moldboard.

Don’t forget to check the bolts that secure the blades in the right position.

2. Change the air filters
Dirty air filters increase the fuel consumption of your machine, which increases your running costs. You can save money by making sure you check the air filter regularly.

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when deciding how often to check the filters. You should also look out for restricted alert signals if your machine has this feature. Fitting a pre-filter to your machine is also advantageous.

3. Monitor the operator station
Motor grader operator station maintanence tips
When it comes to motor grader maintenance tips, the operator station is frequently forgotten. Safety is a crucial aspect of machine operation, so you’ll need to make sure that the seat belts are in good condition. The deck matting must also be properly maintained to ensure maximum safety.

Maintenance of the controls is vital as it affects the precision of task completion. Controls need to be responsive and they should also meet the requirements of the operator.

When there are cables connecting the blade and controls, it may be necessary to adjust the cables for an improved performance.

4. Inspect the tyres
Tyres affect the traction, productivity, and safety of your machine. Inspect the tyre treads regularly and monitor the tyre pressure. Worn tyres waste time and have a negative impact on the quality of your work.

5. Scarifiers
Scarifiers function to break the soil so that the moldboard’s workload is reduced. When there’s a task that involves rough grading, the scarifier loosens the material resulting in a more accurate performance. The teeth of the scarifier require proper maintenance otherwise it can cause expensive damage to the shank.

Another advantage of maintaining the scarifiers is that this component of the machine speeds up your work. The wear and tear on the machine are also decreased when a scarifier in good condition is used.

Put these motor grader maintenance tips into action and experience the results for yourself. Remember to read the manufacturer’s guidelines to find out how to care for your specific machine.

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