3 Most Popular Attachments for Small Wheel Loader

Small wheel loader is getting increasingly popular among other heavy equipment in the construction industry.

Due to its compact size, it has a lot of benefits such as higher fuel efficiency, higher travel speed, lower maintenance costs, and others.

Most popular attachments for small wheel loader
Despite its smaller size, small wheel loaders are intended for wide range of applications. Thus, it is specifically designed to be compatible with any number of attachments to meet every project needs.

3 Most Popular Attachments for Small Wheel Loader

3 Most Popular Attachments for Small Wheel Loader

Here are top 3 most popular attachments for small wheel loader:


Buckets are one the most used attachments for wheel loaders. So, it is no suprise that it works well for small wheel loaders too.

This is mainly because wheel loader buckets have a lot of usage such as to dig, load, scrape and spread materials.

For small wheel loaders, they often come with bucket that offer general purpose. However, small wheel loaders are also compatible with unique bucket too such as side discharge bucket that discharge material through adjustable openings on either side of the bucket.


This attachment is suitable for carrying pallets and other stacked material on construction site. Moreover, forks comes in variety of widths and categories (light, standard, heavy duty).

Additionally, it is the perfect construction equipment to use forks. This is thanks to small wheel loader’s increased visibility and long wheelbase.

With grapple, small wheel loaders will have better grasp. This attachment is suitable for moving light bulky material. Moroever, it is also a great attachment for cleanup and land clearing since it can move a lof of material in a short amount of time.

Therefore, if you’re looking for attachment that has great grappling power and can handle tough material, grapple is the perfect choice.

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